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Nexus 7 Touchstone Mod (Part 1)

First step: Find a suitable place on the back cover for the coil ...

It seems that any metal (including the copper heatsink or the NFC antenna) conflicts with the touchstone induction process.  The picture shows one place on the back cover which is plastic-only and allows for successful induction.

I may later decide to locate the coil more centrally, and just remove the copper heatsink material around the coil.  I'm also thinking that securing the coil to the battery rather than the back cover will allow for easier back cover removal in the future.  I haven't decided yet whether the magnets should be attached to the battery or the back cover - it probably makes no difference either way, as long as the coil ends up correctly aligned when the cover is replaced.

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-- Rod 
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BTW, do you have the spec for the touchpad coil windings.  Size wire, Number of turns, diameter, etc....or would you suggest using a palm-pre touchstone back?
I'm using a Palm Pre back, since I don't have the device-side electronics for a TouchPad coil.
Any reason you did not use the touchstone parts from the HP Touchpad? I ask because i have one with the dreaded battery and ? Icon..... I could probably salvage the parts from it and attempt to follow your lead.
TouchPad back only has the coil, not the electronics board needed to turn the current oscillations in the coil into 5v.
Woooowwww... great, Rod! You're "The" Guy!!

I have a Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 P3100... do you know if there some chance to do this with him? :-)
no way, I remember you Rod Whitby from my days with the palm pre. You were a god with WebOS.  Love seeing android stuff that you are working on now.
This seems like a awesome idea since my 4yrs okd kid damage the usb on my nexus 7 and is dead it simply won't charge. Rod would you mind gave us some more tips to where to wired the cables once the palm is disasemble and ready to be install in the nexus7?
Never mind i see that part 2, 3 & 4. Thanks alot. This is why i love android.
Sorry, +Inaru Mejil , But I Believe That Rod Use Open webOS In His Nexus 7, And Not Android... :-)
I will neither confirm nor deny which OS is running on the Nexus devices that I own. 
Well... I'll gonna kill me there, and my soul back later... :-)))
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