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"Never underestimate the power of one life. One year. One person. One word. One dream. One hope. One step forward into the unknown. One love. One chance. One moment. Everything can change with one. What's your one this year?"

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Community With A Purpose

What is the purpose of community, and why does it matter?

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NEW Blog Post!

Questions: Why do you write/blog? What helps you to continue when you've lost inspiration?

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Post haircut!

I got a faded faux hawk. :)

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Post beard trim, pre haircut selfie.

(To be deleted later)

Having a certain Christmas song stuck in my head for days must mean it's time to start listening to Christmas music!


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I enjoyed hiking today with my friends, Alex and Sam! 
Laurel Falls with Alex & Sam
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The Importance of True Community

"Community for the sake of community is fine, but there should be something more to it. There should be a 'why?' that guides our interactions. We're here for more than just ourselves. True community, the kind that creates conversations and stirs hearts, is community on purpose. It's community that exists with a very real sense of 'why?', and one that challenges one another to live outside of ourselves. To live for something that is only possible when we do life together. True community changes things. It impacts communities and it challenges the status quo. We need to stop asking simply 'what is community?' and start asking 'why is community?'" - Jonathan Zoeteman

How have you been impacted by being in true community lately?

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