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Rod “RJ” Hurich
I try to get people to giggle, laugh, or pee their pants just a little.
I try to get people to giggle, laugh, or pee their pants just a little.

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Right on Vermont, started with Colorado, keep it going, the outlook is fine. Aloha!!!!!!!!!!!
First time marijuana is legal by a state legislators instead of a vote. Governor still needs to sign. So now Ben and Jerry's can make....

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Muslims out there, do you approve of this, if not, show your true colors. 

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This is so hard to do when you are flying across the finish doing 100+ MPH, I never tried this going this fast.

+Amber K This is what I was talking about. Aloha
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I had to post this. Aloha
Bob would be proud of his grandson, sounds just like him. 

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Marley would be proud of his grand son, sounds so much like Bob it Amazing. Aloha

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An absolutely beautiful song by Soja, the sound of Hawaii Reggae that you just might have to look for more of the gems we have. Aloha

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+Hristomira Angelova One of my favorite groups here. Not originally from Hawaii but has now called Hawaii home, Video shot in Hawaii. Aloha and enjoy our sound.

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The entire video was shot in Hawaii.
Still love the original but a lot of locals here play it on their Uke, hear it nearly every day in town or at parks. Aloha all!

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People get your kids vaccinated. My mother had measles just before I was born and thank the powers that be, it wasn't the German Measles as kids born with this variety are born without limbs and or proper brain function, but I was affected with what my mother had. I have bad hearing loss, and had in turned feet that were corrected, hearing can no longer work with hearing aids due to infection. + side is I am completely immune, but now there is a vaccine so your children don't have to go through what I did.
Yet Another Measles Outbreak Traces Directly To Antivaccine Autism Panic

The real connection between disease and vaccination is clear: Where vaccine rates are low, the highly contagious measles virus will take hold.
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