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As a "maker" "shaker" and "DOer" tend to have a hard time letting go and just enjoying the moment for more than just a "moment"....

Having me do "nothing" for more than 15 minutes is already an art ;) and this is about twice the amount from a few years ago ;)
So sitting here letting him build this sand castle since over 30 minutes is torture and pleasure at the same time...
- I should be packing the car
- then drive home
- do some stuff..
... and that is exactly what is is... all just "stuff"

I hope to encourage you while I am struggeling here... let it go!
It is just stuff...
That I say to you and me...

It can wait, be a mover and shaker as well in just letting it go... and then kowing and shaking it later... because you will manage it just as you manage the rest...

Moving and shaking - dont let it keep you from good...

I just sucsessfully spend another while here and I promise I will make it another 45.. well maybe 30 minutes for the sake of my sanity and the text I just wrote ;)

#parenting #takeabreak #letitgo #enjoy #moverandshaker
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Whale or Mermaid? (german below/deutsch unterhalb)

A gym advertises the slogan:
"Do you want to look like a mermaid or a whale this summer?"

An addressed woman responds as follows:

"Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,
Whales are always surrounded by friends (dolphins, seals, curious people), they are sexually active and raise their children with great care.
They play like crazy with dolphins and eat many shrimp. They swim all day long and travel to fantastic places like Patagonia, Barents Sea or the coral reefs of Polynesia.
They sing incredibly well and sometimes even listen to CDs.
They are impressive beloved animals that everyone adores and tries to protect.
Mermaids do not exist.
However, if they did exist, they would be patients with the psychologist because of their split personality. Woman or fish?
They also have no sexual activity and could not have children.
Of course, they would be nice to look at but lonely.
Besides, who wants a girl who smells like fish?
No doubt I would rather be a whale.

Wal oder Meerjungfrau?

Ein Fitnessstudio wirbt mit dem Slogan:
„Wollen sie diesen Sommer wie eine Meerjungfrau oder wie ein Wal aussehen,“
Eine angesprochenen Frau antwortet darauf wie folgt:
„Sehr geehrte Damen und Herren ,
Wale sind immer von Freunden umgeben (Delfine, Robben, neugierige Menschen), sie sind sexuell aktiv und ziehen ihre Kinder mit großer Sorgfalt auf.
Sie spielen wie verrückt mit Delfinen und essen viele Garnelen. Sie schwimmen den ganzen Tag und reisen zu phantastischen Orten wie Patagonien, Barentssee oder den Korallen Riffen von Polynesien.
Sie singen unglaublich gut und sind manchmal sogar auf CDs zu hören.
Sie sind beeindruckende sehr geliebte Tiere, die jeder verehrt und versucht zu schützen.
Meerjungfrauen gibt es nicht.
Wenn sie allerdings existieren würden, wären sie Patienten beim Psychologen wegen ihrer Persönlichkeitsspaltung. Frau oder Fisch? 
Sie hätten auch keine sexuelle Aktivität und könnten keine Kinder bekommen.
Natürlich, sie wären schon hübsch anzusehen aber einsam.
Außerdem, wer möchte schon ein Mädchen, das nach Fisch riecht?
Zweifelsohne wäre ich lieber ein Wal.
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January is just about over anf often our new years plans and goals already brocken... no reason to give up - just reason to adjust and re-evaluate. Adjusting is an act to be proud of.

So we wish you happy adjustment for a awesome February start...

#goals #adjust #planing
#lemongrasscomunications sendet echt jedes Jahr besonders coole #foodforthought Grüsse.

Herzlichen dank und wir geben die Frage gerne weiter;
unsere Athleten beantworten diese Frage in den nächsten Wochen jeder selbst...
Wobei -->
From necktie to mai tai schon sehr verführerisch tönt ;)
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Great way to store fruits without blocking your working space...
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production time is always in a rush before Christmas ;)

but this quote really suits my mind lol
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another product printed and ready for the client...
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the moment when you stand in front of St. Nicolaus and need to answer about your goals and hear how you've done the past year and what he wants you to focus on...

--> that is what St. Nicolaus is about. is not the same as santa-claus...

#santa #st.nicolaus #samichlaus #liferocks #artisticcycling
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sometimes all you need to give yourself after a hard day is a good long soak in your tub... ;)
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