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Reminder: PhoneGap Meetup "Windows Phone 7", nächsten Mittwoch, 29.02. 19:00 Frankfurt am Main:

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yes old, but hey, it's G+ right?
If you didn't already see this site, click click.
If you clicked through and didn't only scrolled, try out the editor and see that it manipulates the actual header, live.
If you clicked through and didn't read, note he wrote a 3D CSS renderer for mrdoob's three.js. So hot

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Introducing Google+ Read/Write JavaScript API for Circles/Followers/Profile/Stream

Hey developers!

As we all know, Google+ API is very limited and it doesn't have any APIs for Read/Write for Circles/Followers/Profile/Stream. I thought I would share my unofficial API that exposes all that for extension developers.

This was the most challenging extension I have created! It is beautiful :) And it makes me happy to share the code with you all for free!

Everything is open sourced on GitHub (link attached below). Please fork and help me improve the API by adding support to the Stream and exposing more Profile.

It is really simple, Google+ is a beautiful real time web app. It gets its data through many XHR (XmlHttpRequest) calls. With the help of the Web Inspector, you can easily pinpoint each request. With each request, I analysed the ugly data, and made it beautiful. It was challenging reversing the data, for example figuring out the auth token, and locating the data, but the Web Inspector is powerful.

As a bonus, I added such data to a WebSQL DataStore which allows the developer to query quickly for reporting. You can change the DataStore to be a MemoryStore as well.

Yes, this is for the Circle Management extension that I am trying to work on. Later this week, I will release the code for the Circle Management, I spent the weekend redoing the UI so I could use Backbone.JS as the front end framework instead of doing it manually which was messy.

If you area an intrigued UI hacker, you could recreate your own version of Google+ with these APIs :) I thought about creating my own custom stream which separates Hangouts, Photos, Posts into their own location, but +Mohamed Mansour has too little time :)

I wish we could have had a more elegant API, doing this hack works well but it would be great if it was supported by the team.

Let us see what creations you developers could make with such API! You now have access to Circles, Followers, and Profile :) Lots of possibilities!

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whow, G+ games are so addictive with their integration of people from your circles! oh fb had that too?
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