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Photographer Capturing Life One Image at a Time
Photographer Capturing Life One Image at a Time


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I am a brandographer specializing in working with small business owners and entrepreneurs to capture their brand in unique ways, helping them to create marketing materials and social media content that get them noticed, and creating images that make them stand out above competitors.
Brooke Ripley pictured below is a client who is a hair and makeup artist and fashion blogger!
Call today to schedule your headshot/branding session to revitalize your website and create new content for your audience!

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Relax! I've Got This for You!

Give me a show of hands...who associates the word relax with having your picture taken? How about with getting a professional headshot done? Still no hands? Let's change that!

When working with Lara LaSala whose tag line is "relax, I've got this for you" I thought I have to write a post about that very phrase. No one comes to me and says I love to have my picture taken! In fact, almost everyone, even those who appear very comfortable in front of the camera, tell me that they hate having their picture taken and that they always look terrible in pictures.

Why is having a portrait made so intimidating? It doesn’t have to be. When you hire a photographer, be sure to speak to them live prior to meeting with them for the portrait or headshot session. It is very important that you feel the energy of the photographer and make a connection with her/him. When doing so, you will naturally feel more comfortable and be able to relax and be yourself.

You want and need to be yourself when having a headshot done or when working with a photographer on a personal branding session. The photographer must be able to capture your essence, your personality, your heart and soul. The photographer you hire needs to know how to do this by using light and being able to work with angles, and getting you to relax and be yourself. If you do not have a connection with the photographer, the you, that you want to present through pictures, is not going to come through.

An exercise I always have my clients do is take a deep breath, roll their shoulders back, exhale, and shake out their arms. No, I do not photograph them doing this exercise, but I can assure you that this activity helps them relax. If throughout the shoot I see anxiety creeping back into the person’s expression, or I see the shoulders come up toward the ears, I know to stop and remind them to do the exercise again.

To date I have not had a client leave our session together saying, “geez, that was so hard, that was awful, that was painful”. Working with my clients to get to know them, to perceive who they are and what they do, helps me capture their inner and outer beauty and personality. When I say I have your back, I really do! I won’t let you leave the session hating to have your picture taken. Together, we’ll relax and get the pictures you need to represent yourself and your business in the most positive light.

Contact me to schedule your headshot or personal branding session today!

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This article featuring the top 25 black and white blogs includes two blogs that I have been featured on; Monochromia and BWGallerist. Enjoy!

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Check out my new video! I am so excited to have this for my website. Personal branding and storytelling for your business through pictures is paramount for the success of you and your brand! Contact me to schedule your branding/storying telling session today. I offer in-studio sessions at my studio on North Main Street in Doylestown, PA, and on-location sessions, as well as a combination of the two. We'll work together to create your story through pictures. You will walk away from the session with an armamentarium of pictures to use on your website, for social media posts, for business cards and brochures, and much more. Each one will let your potential and current clients know how terrific you are!

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This article demonstrates the reason it is so important to have a really good LinkedIn profile picture. Check it out and learn how you can get the most from your LinkedIn profile.

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Robyn Graham Photography, LLC has a new location! It is amazing how daunting an event in your life can appear until it all works out on the other side.

During the month of July my former landlord called me and explained that he was expanding his business and as a result, he needed my studio space for office space. Tears came to my eyes at the first thought of losing my beloved studio space. It had become my home away from home and I enjoyed doing headshot sessions and order sessions in the beautiful space ensconced in natural light. Despite the disappointment, I quickly pulled on my big girl pants and hit the ground running to make decisions about my future studio space.

The old adage, “when life throws you lemons, make lemonade” became a motto. I searched the area for potential studio locations and quickly became frustrated with the limited amount of options. Either spaces were too “office” like or were way out of my budget. I was quickly coming to the solution that I might need to create a studio space in my home, which honestly, was something I did not really want to do. I enjoyed “going to work” and I did not want to disrupt our home life for the sake of my work life.

With only a couple of weeks to go until I had to vacate my original studio space, my daughter and I went into Doylestown to see a potential studio space. I had my hopes up even though the list price was quite high. I had been working with a broker on a space in an old barn that was incredible, but my gut was telling me to hold off that something better might come along. As my daughter and I walked up the hill to see the potential new space, we saw a realtor’s sign that read 2nd and 3rd floor for lease. I said, “we have to take a picture of that sign and call the realtor” on our way back down the hill”. Well, as blessings fall from above, I wasn’t crazy about the space we saw, but called the number on the sign and the landlord was available at that very moment to show us the 3rd floor space that was still available. We walked into the 130 year-old building and I was a little intimidated by what we found. The staircase from the 1st floor to the second floor was grand and the first floor with all of it’s original wood was very ornate. However, when we opened the door to the third floor I was taken back to 1978, or there abouts. The industrial carpet was dark gray, the walls were gold, and the window treatments were burgundy with gold and burgundy tassels. The space had been vacant for quite a while, so clean, it was not. The price however, was right in line with what I wanted to pay.

As I looked around the space, the wheels of my mind began to turn rapidly. I could envision myself in this space. It would need a lot of work, but I quickly began to think it was feasible.

That evening I made some phone calls, the painter, the contractor. So many details would have to fall into place in a very short amount of time. Unbelievably both said they could fit the work into their schedule if I decided to rent the space. I was still on the fence about the barn. Two totally different spaces, two totally different price points. I had counter offered the broker for the price of the barn and said a little prayer for God’s guidance. After that prayer, I made up my mind, through the coaching of a dear friend who also had said a prayer for me, that if the price of the barn was above $X, I would take the space in town. Not long after that decision was made the broker telephoned to tell me the final offering price for the barn was $100 over $X. My decision had been made. I telephoned the realtor for the space in Doylestown and by the end of the day had signed the lease.

Five weeks later, after pulling up all of the old flooring, painting every nook and cranny, replacing light fixtures with high hats, removing window treatments and blinds, hours of cleaning , repairing plaster and storing my former studio in my garage at home, I am moved in to the new space. I couldn’t be happier with my decision. The location is absolutely perfect. I feel the energy of people all around me in Doylestown. The studio is now a gorgeous, light-filled space that brings my heart great joy. Please browse the iPhone pictures to see the new space and stop in to see me any time!

Robyn Graham Photography, LLC
110 N Main Street
Doylestown, PA 18901
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My interview at the Bucks Happening bash made the Bucks Happening YouTube channel! This has just been so exciting for me!

Robyn Reu Graham and I are excited to have Mary Richardson Miller discussing her experiences working with PAVA while photographing and documenting the lives of 27 women and their children during the devastating civil war. PAVA is an acronym for “Programa de Apoyo a los Vecinos del Altiplano”, which translates into “Aid Program for Highland Communities”.

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Bucks Happening Magazine has an annual Bucks Happening List of the best businesses in Bucks County. I am very honored to have been nominated for the 2017 Happening List for photographer. Not only was it an honor to be nominated but, it is an honor to be considered among some really great local Doylestown and Bucks County photographers. The list includes several photographers that I have admired for years and whom I have a lot of respect for.

As people, it is inspiring to have our work recognized and a gift to be able to gain additional business success from such recognition. The entrepreneur business sector is very competitive and often challenging to navigate. Special recognition in the form of awards can often help a person take their business to the next level. For someone who works very hard to provide unprecedented service, the recognition is both a blessing and a confidence builder.

The Happening List race was close between some great photographers and inspiring artists. Not all on the list are portrait photographers, some are fine art photographers, and others, like myself, are both. My work crosses several genres of photography including; professional and corporate headshots, visual branding, family and children’s portraiture, and fine art. My passion for photography runs deep and grows with every successful session, every person I meet, and every business I help give light to.

It is a significant honor to be recognized as the 2017 Happening List Photographer. The honor isn’t only be the physical award and title, but it involve sharing a priceless moment with many other successful and inspiring businessmen and women from the Doylestown and Bucks County Communities. Being nominated has helped increase awareness of my business in an oversaturated market and winning will help to strengthen that awareness and help me grow my business even further.

To take the excitement a step further, Sharon Kraynak of Sharon Lee Creative Art Services won as the 2017 Bucks Happening List Framer. Sharon works out of my studio and takes care of all of my framing needs, personally; for my fine art and my home, and for my clients. It isn’t often that two people sharing work space are awarded such a high honor at the same time. Congrats to Sharon! It is an honor to work along side her and share her amazing talent.

To celebrate the winners and finalists, Bucks Happening Magazine held a red carpet bash yesterday evening, May 4th. The energy at Pen Ryn Estate was electrifying. So many amazing, talented people. Winners were interviewed by a QVC host and video-taped, I was a nervous wreck, but yet very excited! The band, one of the best I’ve ever heard, Bigg Romeo, was amazing and we all danced the night away. The food, I haven’t mentioned that yet…there was a mashed potato bar! Oh my goodness was it awesome! Below are just a few cell phone photos from the evening. I am hoping to get some of the photos from the staff photographers that were there to capture the event. At times I felt like I had a paparazzi following! So fun!

Thank you for all of your support. I am ever so grateful.

Thank you!
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Bucks Happening List Bash Photobooth Presented by Lifestyle Med Spa
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