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We just made the official switch to using Google+ Hangouts for internal Mashable product/tech meetings, and have stopped using skype audio/video chats entirely. Skype's lag and audio artifacts were just too much...and our Hangouts are really, really impressive. Has anyone else made the jump to Hangouts for video conferencing?
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I have made the recommendation to leadership...stay tuned.
Hey Robyn, just read that you prefer Google+ handouts for video chats? Tell me, is it a free service for more than one person to video conference & does everyone get a visual instead if one on one, and... Is it really less glitchy?
Hangouts, sorry, spellcheck :(
Would make the switch if Hangouts > +10 existed.
All these questions and no answers, Grrrr
Thank you Jeffery, if I don't already I shall follow you for being so helpful and kind :)
Robyn - this is interesting. You guys use it with Europe and/or Asia on the line?
+Christy Lee Yup! Video chats. It's free, and very good. No glitches compared to what we saw with Skype.
Excited about this feature. I've been looking for info regarding external DV/Firewire camera support for Hangouts, and not yet found. In the old google video chat, external device support was very limited, I'm hoping it has broadened in Google+ hangouts.
+Robert Matney - I was able to get a Canon GL1 connected via firewire. The Canon times out every 5 minutes if it's not recording or playing, so I decided to pickup the Logitech C910 (Costco special).
Thanks +Robyn Peterson for providing a place to have this dialogue. Thanks for that info, +Kyle Wickstrom. I wonder if the Canon GL1 has a setting to address the time-out issue when streaming but not recording video. I just tested a Sony Handycam miniDV DCR-HC52, which was not visible to select in the Hangout settings. I will do a re-boot later and re-test to validate, and comment back here as needed.
I try to set up my microscope camera (a firewire Jeonoptic) with hangouts. Does anyone know if this would be possible?
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