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Robyn Peters

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Well, the final album from the 18th Round of the +Chrysta Rae Photo Scavenger Hunt has been revealed, so it's time for me to make public all my offerings for this session of the game. What a great way to hone skills, and be encouraged by a great community of fellow photographers, pro and amateur alike. It won't be long before the sign-ups are announced for the 19th Round. Be there, or be square... or be 4x6, depending on your preferred aspect ratio.
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Robyn Peters

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+Jenny Loren just posted a fabulous collection of all her +Chrysta Rae Photography  Scavenger Hunt photos from over the years.  It inspired me.  It's good to do thing like this; keep your stuff in one place, look at where you came from, see if you've grown.  I liked seeing my old stuff, and this makes me want to bring my A-game to this new hunt.  #18?  Bring it on!
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Robyn Peters

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It's here! It's here! Flip through the cinnamonny goodness, and see if you can find my kid. :)
We are officially on DAY ONE of REVEALS
from the 17TH ROUND
of the +Chrysta Rae Photography Scavenger Hunt!!!

What you are about to experience 
over the course of the next 10 days is pretty awesome.
We play a game - 500 photographers and myself - a photography scavenger hunt.

What  is the scavenger hunt?
Only the most inspiring, creative and fun way to learn your camera, push your limits, experiment, and shoot things in ways you didn't think you could.

I host this event a few times a year for anyone of any level of photography to participate.
I open the game up to 500 Photographers
I give you 10 items to shoot 
I give you a period of time to shoot and enter your photos.
Then I have them judged by amazing photographers  

I then open the albums up to the public - every morning over the course of 10 days. 
There are 10 categories:
This is the first - the "*CINNAMON*" album.

This event is an amazing way to use your camera in new ways. 
It gets you seeing things in new ways,
It helps improve your photography skills, 
gives you a huge audience, 
and let's everyone celebrate each other's successes. 
Make new friends,
and be a part of a community of photographers who care about each other, teach each other, and inspire one another.

The sign up for the next round of the scavenger hunt will be announced on day 10 of reveals from this round.

The group of "scavengers" that participate create a community unlike any other on G+. 
Support, encouragement  friendships even some #huntsmack is enjoyed. 
We become a family over the course of the month. 

This is a negative-free zone - I have zero tolerance for any critiques that are uninvited. 
Please be respectful and remember that every person went out there and took the time to shoot these images 
and put thought into them and tried their best. 
As always, I am proud of every single one of you.

(NONE of the images were taken by ME - this is a collection of images taken by multiple photographers participating in the scavenger hunt. All copyrights apply)

With that - I present to you the "*CINNAMON*" album,
1 item seen in 183 different ways.
(album cover image by +Kris Kowalewski)
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Robyn Peters

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Went out to an open space that could have been really scenic, with +Joanna Koziara hoping to shoot the SuperBloodMoon eclipse.  Alas, the clouds had other ideas.  But on the way home from our lovely visit (that was not particularly full of shooting) I stopped at the grocery store, and noticed the moon had risen above the clouds and was in full-on eclipse mode.  Shot a few more frames before heading home for dinner.  
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great series!
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Robyn Peters

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Photo walk is starting. Watching +Trey Ratcliff​introduce things with his fabulous bag strapped on his back.
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Robyn Peters

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Did someone say "Dinner"?  

The two ponies at the barn know that they usually get their tiny tubs of food before the thoroughbreds, so when the little cart drives up to the upper barn, they're first out into their yards to welcome the food truck.
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Robyn Peters

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Two thoughts.
1. Carnivorous plants are awesome.
2. Spiders are sticky-gummy death-trap-avoiding ninjas.
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Two very excellent thoughts indeed! :-)
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Robyn Peters

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It's Day Three of the +Chrysta Rae  photography scavenger hunt.  Head on over to see what 200+ photographers thought of "COLD".
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Robyn Peters

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The reveals have begun, and here's my offering. Head on over to +Chrysta Rae's place here and take a look at all the creative submissions.
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Robyn Peters

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Sweet 16
It's almost time for the ~next~ round of the +Chrysta Rae photography scavenger hunt sign up!  So here's the photos I submitted for the previous hunt, that just ended.  IF you'd like to take your photography to the next level, whether you're a pro with all the gear in the world, or someone who pulls out your smart phone to snap a memory or two, this is a great place to start, in a welcoming and encouraging community.
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Nicely done 
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Robyn Peters

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While I thoroughly enjoyed the #treyusa  photowalk along the Embarcadero last night, and had a grand time reconnecting with photographers that I hadn't seen in far too long, it was the pre-walk walk with a great group of Scavengers that was the highlight of my day.  And then, as darkness fell along our route, it was time to quietly watch the hubbub around me.  No tripod?  No worries, the light pole supported me just fine through those 3 seconds.
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Sorry to have missed it too ! Hope you all had fun : )
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Robyn Peters

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Personal Space Bubble, Dude!

One of our OTTB's (off track thoroughbreds), Curtis (Extra Fifty out of Afleet Alex), has a thing for his personal space.  Could be the fact that he's only got one eye left, but man oh man, if you've got hooves, you'd better stay outside of his personal space bubble, or there will be heck to pay.
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A great shot!
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