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High quality robocalls and personalized service at industry leading prices.
High quality robocalls and personalized service at industry leading prices.


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What's a telemarketing call?

The FCC says that “offers for free goods and services that are part of an overall marketing campaign to sell property, goods, or services” are advertisements under the TCPA and FCC regulations.

The FCC also says that informational calls that are motivated in part by the intent to sell property, goods, or services are “in most instances” advertisements under the TCPA. This is true whether call recipients are encouraged to purchase, rent, or invest in property, goods, or services during the call or in the future.

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Folks, robocalling cell phones without prior express consent is illegal. The ONLY exception to this rule is for emergency robocalls, defined by the FCC as "calls made necessary in any situation affecting the health and safety of consumers.”

On May 4th, the FCC cited 3 more companies for making illegal robocalls to cell phones.  Click the link for more details.

Starting Monday April 6th we will have new phone hours! 

We're available from 12 pm -7 pm Eastern Time on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. 

For questions outside those hours send us an email with your name and best contact number to

Happy Easter Weekend!

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Hey Walgreens - did you know we scrub wireless numbers off your list at no extra cost?

"Walgreen Co. has agreed to pay $11 million to end a class suit accusing it of violating the Telephone Consumer Protection Act by placing robocalls to customers' cellphones with pre-recorded prescription reminder messages, according to documents filed Thursday in Illinois federal court."

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The Mayor of NYC sent out robocalls urging landlords to put up homeless families in exchange for cash reward. Robocalls are all the rage these days - all the cool kids are doing it. Why not you? Rates as low as 1 penny per call!

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Please remember we strictly prohibit telemarketing calls. Here's a good reminder why: the FTC issued $500,000 in fines to Caribbean Cruise Line for illegal telemarketing calls disguised as political calls. Not good. For telemarketing calls you CANNOT robocall those on the Do Not Call registry without their consent.

We've made some changes! If you have an emergency notification that must go out, make sure you check the "Emergency Robocall" box when submitting your list through the Get Started page. We'll keep the cell phones in your list.

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Sirius XM is the latest company to be hit with a robocall lawsuit - this one for unsolicited telemarketing calls to cell phones. The suit asks for actual damages, $500 in statutory damages and $1,500 in treble damages per call, as well as injunctive relief. 

More tips from The Robodial Team:

1. Microtarget. You can send different demographics different messages, so use that to your advantage! Young people care about different issues than older people, so why send them the same generic message? 

2. Don't rush! Trying to speed through your message will not help your constituents learn about you. Make sure you're audible and they can understand you.

3.  Less is more.  People have things to do, so pick one or two things you want to say, and say them. For everything else, direct them to your website and give them a number they can call. 

Some pre-election week tips from The Robodial Team

1. Plan ahead. People can become overwhelmed with robocalls on the Monday before Election Day and on Election Day, often opting not to answer their phones unless it's a number they recognize (plus those are the busiest days of the year for robocalls, so you don't want to be turned away if we fill up). 

2. Stand on the shoulders of giants. Many organizations send out robocalls at 10:30 am local time to target answering machines, which allows their constituents to listen to their messages at a time convenient to them - why not piggyback off of them? Start targeting answering machines this week!
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