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Google News badges. It has to be some kind of joke. Waiting for the punchline.
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And so the infantilization gamification of the web continues...
cannot be any worse than the TC redesign joke can it?
don't get the point, getting points for reading the news?
I know. I kind of thought it was a jump the shark moment on proving Google really is all about the social now. See, we've got badges. Badges!
Really? You don't see the significance of encouraging more people to turn Web History on? Or gaining additional data on their personal browsing behaviour?
no question that google gains a lot and visible badgets will encourage users to finetune them (as long as the porn badget doesn't show up)
There is social and the pointless social... I don't get it at all. I thought Google did things for a purpose... then again they have invested in game makers and other stuff last year haven't they. No doubt Google+ will be littered with games like facebook soon. "Uncle bob just won another fish on fishville +1"
Where is the "I'm Special" and "Everyone is a Winner" badges?
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