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Don't these companies understand they are feeding the patent trolls, companies whose sole business model revolves around acquiring "intellectual property" to use as extortion tools against business that are actually innovating? By make such high dollar grabs for patents, Apple, Micosoft, et a,l are actually empowering these legal gymnast competition killlers.
Software patents need to be heavily reformed, if not abolished. They're going to hurt innovation real bad as they accumulate.
The patent system is broken and the market it has created shows strong signs of moving towards what has been a very popular business model for certain types of entrepreneurs at least since the middle ages (see
Is anybody working on fixing it?
hey, where's your new article, +Robin Wauters ? I thought I'd leave a comment here on G+ rather than on techcrunch. Just wanted to say that I am still using G+, and that slowly more and more of my friends (non-techies) are getting interested and asking for invites. The data you looked at is misleading for two reasons - one it doesn't include private posting, which is growing much faster according to every source that has mentioned it, and two because they are only measuring users of their plugin... um, hello, maybe the plugin sucks and their users have decreased? Anyways, I think if you are going to write an article about G+, you could at least post a link on your G+ stream... unless you are worried about too much engagement ;-)
bish s
I didn't leave any comment in your TC article because I didn't want to be forced into using FB. I'm still using G+, much more than I ever used FB. Most of my posts are to my circles so then won't affect your public counts... but I'm still here and would stay here for the foreseeable future. You're in my circles so if you post something interesting here I'd probably see it.
"I didn't leave any comment in your TC article because I didn't want to be forced into using FB." +bish s --- That's the same reason why i don't comment on TC...
Like Stanley, I don't twit or FB much...

I found the Groupon troll article pretty funny...since I unsuccessfully launched a startup in 2005 which connected local QSR's to high school and college kids with a 'BOGO' we sent via text message...looks like at least some of their claim has some 'prior art'.
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