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No Pain No Gain.   #babyboomers   #wisdom  
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Robin Thomas

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Majestic beasts! Have you had a bison look you straight in the eye? Thank you +Dubie Bacino
3365 - Photography Peter Holme III #buffalo #bizon #plains
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I'm wondering about the bison in Yellowstone and the ones around the Great Salt Lake.  
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Certainly enjoyed meeting Olympic athletes Travis Jayner, Ariane Lavigne and Bryan Fletcher this weekend.
#teamUSANA #olympicathletes #havingfun 
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Robin Thomas

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Love this one from +Carmilita Zotomayor-Riveral :)
"An investment in knowledge always pays the best interest."
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Fighting for my son!
 I'm not giving up without a fight EPILEPSY

#seizeuretheday   #epilepsy  
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I share this circle because I know the people involved and respect them.  Thanks, +Abundance Marketing  and +Michael Q Todd 
The Empire Ball 2 
Above all I hope you all connect,
Some other hopes....
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2.Let`s hit Circle Count "most shared" and let people know who we all are
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Thank you so much for helping to promote this. We all win.
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Robin Thomas

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Happy palindrome week :)
  #NERDalert   This week is being called "Palindrome Week" Each date is the same forwards and backwards!

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Spring is blooming in my garden!   #simplepleasures  #springflowers #gratitude 
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I love flowers and yours is beautiful!
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Robin Thomas

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Lovely! Thank you +Robby Ball
happy weekend everyone...  ❤
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Is it spring yet??
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Some fresh ginger has sprouted in my kitchen... I'll be planting it in honor of spring!  Hope to have many more by next year :)
#cleaneating   #healthyliving  
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Well, fresh in that it isnt in a jar :)
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Robin is passionate about helping people improve their health, their finances, and their leadership abilities. <p/> USANA Health: http:/ <p/> USANA Business: <p/> #HealthandWellness, #WellnessCoaching, #nutrition, #supplements, #weightloss, #skincare, #optimalhealth
Nutrition, Wellness, Public Speaking, Coaching, Small Business, Social Media, Personal Development, Fitness, Lifestyle Coaching, Training, Small Business, Blogging, Health Education, Team Building
  • The Healthy Edge
    Facilitator, 2011 - present
  • Usana Health Sciences
    Independent Associate, 2004 - present for a business focused on helping others succeed <p/> for products that will change your life
  • UNC School of Medicine
    Research, 1980 - 2004
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Science with Heart

My journey to healthful living started a long time ago. While growing up in Atlanta, Georgia, I was the perennial tomboy, spending whole summers swimming, sailing, water-skiing, and camping by Lake Allatoona. 

My passion in nature and a love of research led me to UNC-Chapel Hill, where I earned my Bachelor's degree in Biology. At college, I discovered my career path and the love of my life: my best friend and husband. I'm thankful that Kent, a chemist, has always been by my side, starting all those years ago, when he helped me survive analytical chemistry class. We've been married over thirty years and have two adult sons.

Our younger son Kevin has had life long health challenges, starting at 17-months old with a diagnosis of diabetes and resulting brain injury. I've searched tirelessly to find answers for him. He's helped me realize the truly worthwhile things in life.

I worked in medical research for over 24 years at UNC-Chapel Hill, with the majority of those years studying the role of inflammation in chronic degenerative diseases. Though I loved the science in my research career, I needed a more flexible schedule that would work with my family's needs.

In 2004, I became a USANA Health Sciences Associate. USANA offered an opportunity that helped me manage my previously hectic schedule and my passion to help others discover the benefits of holistic living.

I was part of an international program for social media marketers called Social Traffic in early 2008. It included daily tasks, education and review of most of the social media platforms of that time. This was an incredible learning experience for incorporating the entire scope of internet marketing.

My expertise in internet marketing combined with my organization's international presence allows me to work with and train new team members across the world. 

Shared Success is looking for leaders who are computer literate or trainable with excellent people skills, self-motivation skills, and a desire to make a difference in the health and financial picture of thousands. This is not a J-O-B. This is a business venture, with a low-risk-high-return ratio.

Health and Wellness has always been a focus in my career. I empower others to take steps that improve and maintain their health and the health of their family. I suggest the the first step toward optimal wellness begin with the True Health Assessment. By incorporating high quality supplements from USANA Health Sciences as well as making specific lifestyle changes Healthy Edge clients discover improved health, weight loss/management, healthier skin, and improved energy and stamina.

My experience in medical research brought me face to face with thousands of people experiencing the pain and suffering of chronic degenerative disease. Observing the challenges faced by the doctors and patients alike in relieving symptoms and renewing their health emphasized the need for disease prevention.

Bragging rights
Survived two brothers and two sons. Those of you with multiple boys will understand. Negotiated years of advocating for my special needs son- mama bear qualities necessary! The three P's: Passionate, Persistant, and when necessary Patient. Specialties:Internet marketing, team building, networking, mentoring, health and wellness coaching, speaker
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Chapel Hill, NC
Atlanta, GA - Glendale, CA - Celigny, Switzerland
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My favorite place to shop for dresses and soft fabric tops. Everyone who works here are friendly and helpful without ever being "pushy". It feels like I'm at a friend's home surrounded by beautiful fabrics and accessories. The Salaam dresses are my favorite- dressy enough for business, fun enough for social times, and they are great to pack for trips. I highly recommend Sofia's for women's clothing.
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Where all paths meet...Robert Roskind brings a quiet serenity to his tea and coffee shop nestled in Historic Carr Mill Mall. So easy to drop in and chat, I enjoy his tea specialties including the Sweet Carolina (no sugar and no artificial sweetener, but a delight) vegetarian dishes from Vimala's, and gluten-free pastries and delicious chocolates. Beer and Wine for those who partake. One of the best parts of visiting Oasis is the people you will meet. Robert doesn't know a stranger and his shop attracts open and kind-hearted folks. Oasis is the perfect spot to meet a friend or a client, and then come back for music and/or a seminar in the evening.
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After deciding we would stay in our home of 19 years, we met with Mr. Wiblitzhouser to outline our interest in an extensive combination of needed repairs, updating and upgrading several living spaces, and lowering energy and water use for our house. He responded with an excellent, cost -effective, and often innovative plan for renovating a 40+ year-old house built during an era without much thought for efficiency. The demolition phase was done with care, preserving many components for re-use and recycling whenever possible. A new roof was installed and almost all exterior trim was replaced and restored to the original design. New hardwood floors were installed in the kitchen and powder room, and new tile in the laundry. The kitchen was thoroughly renovated, with new cabinets, granite counters, backsplash, and plumbing. Mr. Wiblitzhouser worked with us to incorporate art tile features from a Raleigh artist. The downstairs powder room and family room was completely renovated as well, including adding a new window and stone veneer for the existing brick fireplace. All downstairs floors were refinished, crown molding was installed throughout, new French doors were added for the living room, and new lighting fixtures were added throughout. One of the best parts of the renovation was turning a dated screen porch into a beautiful 3-season room. Mr. Wiblitzhouser provided an innovative design with PGT sliding windows above fixed glass windows, new pine flooring, and a beaded ceiling with decorative molding pattern. Just as important as updating the living areas, Paradise Found Construction did an excellent job increasing our energy efficiency and reducing water use. One of our favorite renovations was turning our single whole-house HVAC system into a dual zone system (upstairs/downstairs). This is the first time we were able to make the upstairs comfortable in the summer. A direct-vent gas fireplace insert was added for efficiency and comfort. All of the old original plumbing fixtures were replaced with Water-Sense rated faucets and 1-gallon per flush toilets. An efficient on-demand water heater replaced the old and inefficient electric heater. In all stages of the renovation, Mr. Wiblitzhouser worked well in managing the various sub-contractor crews, and he worked well with us to implement our design ideas and selection of components and fixtures. On several occasions he went with us to plumbing, kitchen, and tile stores to help guide our selections. He did an outstanding job in keeping us constantly informed about schedules, costs, and any issues that arose, and he provided outstanding advice regarding changes as the project proceeded. Most of all, Mr. Wiblitzhouser paid attention to every detail, from paint to molding to all aspects of construction to make sure the work was done correctly and to the highest quality. On many occasions, he worked with sub-contractors to bring their final work up to his standards, and he spent considerable time himself in working on final finishing work. Following the renovation, the house looks beautiful inside and out. For us, it is like living in a new home. With the upgraded 3-season room, we feel like we added new space to the house, and we now have our home open to the 3-season room on most days. Mr. Wiblitzhouser was able to implement everything we wanted and guided us on things the house needed. With the increases in energy and water efficiencies, we anticipate substantially lower utility bills in the years to come, while the house will feel more comfortable year-around. These features will also reduce our contributions of greenhouse gasses, which is important to us. We very much appreciated the use of low-VOC paints, finishes, and materials and the re-use and recycling of as much material as possible during the renovation. As very pleased owners and occupants of this excellently renovated home, my husband and I strongly recommend Paradise Found Construction for your remodeling needs.
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I love the fact that Sola Coffee gives back to the community. The owners are local and put their heart into their business.
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High and Rubish have been our "go to" company for home, auto and life insurance for over 30 years. They take the time to connect us with the best insurance for our own personal needs, and provide excellent customer service at all times.
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