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Google Docs in Google+ Hangouts

Last year we launched Hangouts with extras as a way to preview certain hangout features. ( Google Docs integration was one such extra, and the Google+ community has used it for all sorts of awesome -- from trip planning and lecture notes to doodling and charades. Today I'm happy to announce that we're graduating Google Docs to the core Hangouts experience for all users.

To try it out, just click on the new “Docs” button inside your hangout:

- you can add an existing document, or upload a new one
- added documents are available as a list on the left-hand side
- you can switch between and collaboratively edit multiple documents at once

As always, let us know what you think in the comments, or via the “Send feedback” button!

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What I have been hoping for is to be able to run a "slideshow presentation" with better quality than the video. There should be a way to "push" a pack of slides to each participant so that they are cached locally and thus gets better quality when shown...
Can you access hangouts from Google Docs.
Hey +Robin Schriebman you ought to have so many more circles. These are very important announcements you are making!
+Robin Schriebman Thank you :-) I'd be happy to betatest it! One more thing that you should look at for hangouts is to display each participants local time when you hover their picture.
This is terrific (and I love +Svein Wisnæs' suggestion on slides).

I can see this as a hugely useful collaboration and engagement tool - congratulations!
Did an hangout with my team today, but no "Docs" button . . . is this in Apps, too or just for the public Google?
+Svein Wisnæs Good idea, yes, we want that. The screenshare is not so great because of the video codec used does not render text too well.
+Robin Schriebman A bit more clarity, please. We use Google Apps for business. We have access to "Hangouts with Extras". It has Doc Docs sharing via a link called "Notes" . You can also share a drawing via a link called "Sketchpad". However, in your screenshot you are not showing "hangouts *with extras*", but the regular hangouts. We can use that, too and lately it got a little button to make silly faces on your video. The Google documentation states that "screensharing" is only available "with extras", but that is not true because we can use it in a regular hangout. So my main question is if the "Docs" sharing is going to be in regular hangouts and the "with extras" (which looks different and IMO is not laid out the best) is just going to go away as you improve the regular hangouts for BOTH Apps customers and the public versions of Google? Thanks for any explanation of the differences here.
for some reason we are trying to set it up and we can see the shared doc but we cannot work on it. Any ideas
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This is really cool. It's easy to imagine how this can be really useful for a variety of situations.
+Robin Schriebman Excellent! I see the Documentation is updated . . . I need to check it every day, thanks! So it seems like "with extras" is sort of an advanced preview of possible future features. I have to put in my 2 cents that my whole team likes the layout of the regular hangouts better than "w/extras". AND, for us 9 people in 6 different locations, Hangouts is GREAT for business. In our 1,400+ global organization we are hoping some day to supplant other real-time collab tools like WebEx/GoTo/ATTConnect/<inserttoolhere> with Google+ Hangouts. Cheers!
The addition of Docs pushes Hangouts in the direction of business use. Will Hangouts ever have an enterprise version? This could supplant WebEx and expensive video conferencing.
True thanks for posting this good to know;-)
This is what I've been waiting for. So long side-bar chat!
+Robin Schriebman The integration of Docs into Hangouts will be HUGE for K12 education, especially for collaboration amongst staff members. It's time for Google to enable Google+ for K12 EDU Google Apps domains!
Great! Now let us start the HangOut from within the document on Google Docs.

Just like we can from a YouTube video! :)
Great start. Now we just need to be able to start a hangout from an open Google Doc. That should be relatively easy. The chat feature is already similar enough to Google Chat which has the ability to turn a chat into a hangout.
I am a novice user of Google+ currently and I don't know how to use Hangouts.
Hangouts is going to be the big Social thing quite soon.
People need time adjusting, The format goes deep into what the Self thinks it is and is comfortable with :) Being on video in front of people and things like that. I predict the technicalities of getting to hang out, with whom, how and when, level of privacy and such, is going to be packaged in various way to assist the impaired, the non-techies and those who require a one-click experience. My mother will need to just press a button on the wall and she will be hanging out with me and family in no time. That can totally shift the experience by elders of distance and loss into sudden togetherness with their loved ones. Those into shaping G+ knows how to go about such adaption and APIs are coming out for innovators to package social products.
Skype makes it easy, but you have to pay for more than two people at a time. Google+ does need to make things easier. I didn't even know how to do the hangout thing without asking some one.
+Fabio Giudici exactly. Hey +Google+ Combine Hangouts, Messenger, Chat and Comments into ONE feature. Then rename it Wave! That way it would be like Wave was intended and it would fit in with the "Ripples"! And you could add lot's of other fun watery names like Splash or Sprinkle. By the way, wasn't the G+ codename "Emerald Sea"?
unrelated.. but, I saw you worked on Google Voice, so I thought I'd go for it. Without getting the police involved, is their anyway I can figure out what gmail user is calling me via the generic, 760-705-8888? Someone is threatening to kill me, and it's freaking me out a bit... but like, I'm sure it's a troll/don't feel like filing a police report! thanks! 
I would not play around and get the police involved.  I can let a lot of things slide, but this is not one of them.
Thank you for your concern Thomas, but the creep turned out to be a good, albeit weird, friend of mine. 
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