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Robin Sandoval
I'm a female bail agent and a song/screen/blog writer. That's what I love to do!
I'm a female bail agent and a song/screen/blog writer. That's what I love to do!


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Under California Law, the crime of simple assault is committed when:
Someone performs an action that is likely to result in the use of force against someone else; The individual performed the action willfully
The suspect knew that his/her action could result in the application of force against someone else; And the accused had the ability to apply force to the other person.

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Penal Code 273a PC

Consists of child endangerment as any instance in which a person causes or permits a child to suffer unjust physical pain or mental suffering, willfully causes or permits a child in one’s care to be injured and/or willfully causes or permits a child to be put in a dangerous situation.

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What is service dog fraud? PC 365.7

Service dogs are used in the assistance of citizens with a variety of disabilities to enhance their lives, provide emotional support, as well as help keep them safe.

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SB 491 will officially make it illegal to wear earbuds or headphones (in both ears, at least) while driving a vehicle or riding on a bicycle and more!

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It’s the time of year when millions of shoppers are hitting stores and websites to purchase gifts for their friends and loved ones. The amount of money that changes hands in these sales is numbered in the hundreds of billions, and retail stores and websites alike will be chomping at the bit to get as much of it as they can.

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Attempted crimes” are covered under California Penal Code 21a PC and can be charged in cases where a person specifically attempted to commit a crime and committed a direct, but ineffective, act toward the crime’s commission.

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Fake IDs have been the holy grail of many underage people for quite some time. If you’ve ever known someone who’s had one, or happened to be the owner of one yourself, then you know the power it can have over someone’s young life. And hey, if you get caught with it, the worst that can happen is the bar or liquor store keeps it and tells you to scram, right? Well, not always. Especially if you’re over the age of 21 and are caught with it after lying to law enforcement.

Cyber-stalking is a relatively new term, having only been amended to California Penal Code 646.9 PC, California’s stalking law, in 1998. Prior to the 1998 amendment, stalking was defined in California as: repeatedly following, harassing, or threatening an individual to the point in which the victim fears for his/her safety or that of the victim’s family.

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