This is my first attempt to share a storify story on GooglePlus (The title below is not the title of my storify story but the image is a part of it so hopefully the link will work.)

My story is about the University of Calgary’s Taylor Family Digital Library and how it "is shaping the future of learning"

I have one question and will post this on Quora and twitter as well as I'd really like to receive feedback (links and/or comments).

Here's the question - What can academic libraries on a budget do with their physical spaces to help better serve their constituents?
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On a budget is a key word there. However, move the books to at least allow space for more people. Of course then get creative with the budget to outfit that space with enough technology to stimulate collaboration or creation.
Thanks for the comment, Greg. Yes, moving books is in the works and there will be space. Without knowing what the budget will be, and some expecting it will be very low, I'm concerned about how we can best utilize the empty space that will be available.
The UofC Taylor Family Digital Library cost over $205 million dollars and it really is an amazing place, and I'm sure many will attend that university for that reason alone.
My feeling is that a university that invests in it's library to design a space as you mentioned "with enough technology to stimulate collaboration or creation" will reap the benefits, including higher student satisfaction rates. And in our competitive higher ed market it could even be a deciding factor on whether to attend for some.
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