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Robin Migliaccio Ashford
Works at George Fox University, Portland Center
Attended University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Lives in Portland, Oregon, USA
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Reference & E-Learning Librarian
  • George Fox University, Portland Center
    Reference & E-Learning Librarian, present
  • Lewis & Clark College
    Reference & Instruction Librarian
  • Newberg Public Library
    Assistant Director
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Portland, Oregon, USA
Northern New Jersey, USA - California, New Jersey, Oregon
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Portland, Oregon USA
Associate Librarian / Assistant Professor / College of Education Adjunct Online - Emerging Technologies, Early Adopter, Mobile, Learner - Personal G+ Account
Living and working in beautiful Portland, Oregon, USA. Late career librarian - MSLIS, University of Illinois GSLIS, December 2003. 
- Reference & E-Learning Librarian - Adjunct instructor for GFU College of Education online courses. 

(Note: My George Fox University Google+ account is used solely for Hangouts with students and colleagues)

Interests: Emerging Technologies, Higher Education, Libraries, Mobile Devices, Mobile Information Literacy, Educational Technology, MUVEs, Gaming, Augmented Reality, NFC, Google, Apple, Chocolate

More Interests: Hiking the west hills of Portland (geocaching and taking iPhone photos via Instagram app along the way), dining at the many excellent Portland restaurants, playing with mobile everything - always learning.
  • University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
  • Boise State University
  • George Fox University
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Robin Migliaccio Ashford

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Thanks for the thoughtful piece, John. I teach fully online courses as an adjunct and currently have two sections with a total of 43 students in one course. I'm wondering if you have any examples for no. 5 –Create team-building experiences? I have found that to be especially challenging over the years, especially if the course is asynchronous by design. A Google hangout or Zoom meet-up to work with small groups could help, but with different time zones and busy people, the course remaining asynchronous can be necessary and expected. I'm trying to think of an asynchronous way of creating team-building experiences. 
We use terms like “I'm on YouTube or “I'm going online” and it implies a sense of space. I might say "I spent an hour on Facebook," but I would never say, "I spent an hour on a book." And yet, when you are online, you aren't in a physical place. You can't feel the grass beneath your toes or ...
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So much to learn! One step at a time, I guess. I'm creating a space now, Thanks for sharing this, Robin. 
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Nice list of inspiring postings from the #blimage challenge.
"The challenge is this: Send an image to friends in your personal learning network and ask them to write a learning related blog post about it. They then challenge their friends with an image of their choice. All the posts are labelled with the hashtag #blimage (blog-image) so they can be easily discovered and aggregated"
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The trailer for the movie Code: debugging the gender gap. Here's a story about it:

In the early days of programming, women dominated the field. This was in no small part because male engineers thought this “soft” work was relatively trivial compared to building actual machines such as ENIAC. And in the decades that followed, more and more women entered computing: by the mid-1980s, women made up more than 35 percent of computer science majors in U.S. colleges. Then began a falloff that persists to this day, with U.S. computer science majors being about 15 percent female.
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Update: Yesterday from the Economist: #artificialintelligence  should not excessively scare us, but some concern, perhaps:

Shared this on Twitter a while back but want to place it here as well. It's important for many reasons and something those of us who work in #highered  should probably be giving thought and attention. 
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The Importance of Trust

The buzz, during most of the week past was based around a recently released research paper by Google on how Trustworthiness can be calculated on the web without the use of links:

I have, of course, been talking about the ability Google to do this for some time now, detailing the steps you need to take for your business to capitalize on it. The acceleration of practices in this area is powered by the need to have trust in the results returned by search. Upon that 'simple' requirement is balanced the entire Google brand. 

#semanticsearch   #seohelp  
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Written this morning after reading the +Chronicle of Higher Education article "These Videos Could Change How You Think About Teaching" I'm a fan of Mike Wesch, especially "his philosophy that college #teaching should focus on transforming the #learner."  Be sure to watch the videos. #highereducation   #teachingandlearning  
(FYI -this post written while wearing my adjunct hat.) Enjoyed this piece today in the Chronicle of Higher Education "These Videos Could Change How You Think About Teaching" - I'm a fan of Mike Wesch @mwesch , and especially appreciate his attitude about teaching. I had the privilege of hearing ...
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Robin Migliaccio Ashford

commented on a video on YouTube.
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Excellent tips for beginners (and anyone who tried but never quite figured out how to effectively use Twitter) on using Twitter for professional development, especially for teachers and soon to be teachers (or anyone wanting to understand how to use Twitter professionally).
I've embedded the video on two pages of my guide, Twitter for Teaching and Learning:
Will share the video during an afternoon class today with graduate education students. Note: Twitter changes its interface often and though this video is only 3months old, some things may appear differently than the video demonstration. Also, the laptop/desktop vs. mobile device interfaces will vary. #twitter   #teachingandlearning   #professionaldevelopment  

Robin Migliaccio Ashford

commented on a video on YouTube.
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Amazing work, student engagement and learning is evident throughout - congrats! #engagement   #learning   #studentlearning   #minecraft   #Gallipoli   #AMminecraft   #projectbasedlearning
So impressed by what the students did with this #Minecraft  project that I had to share. #AMMinecraft  - Also believe it relates to overall importance of educators and students to develop  #digitalLiteracy  skills. 
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Helpful search tips
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Excellent points regarding #YikYak  by +Eric Stoller
"The tool is not the issue."
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(FYI -this post written while wearing my adjunct hat.) Enjoyed this piece today in the Chronicle of Higher Education "These Videos Could Cha

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