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Robin Migliaccio Ashford
Works at George Fox University, Portland Center
Attended University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Lives in Portland, Oregon, USA
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Reference & E-Learning Librarian
  • George Fox University, Portland Center
    Reference & E-Learning Librarian, present
  • Lewis & Clark College
    Reference & Instruction Librarian
  • Newberg Public Library
    Assistant Director
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Portland, Oregon, USA
Northern New Jersey, USA - California, New Jersey, Oregon
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Portland, Oregon USA
Associate Librarian / Assistant Professor / College of Education Adjunct Online - Emerging Technologies, Early Adopter, Mobile, Learner - Personal G+ Account
Living and working in beautiful Portland, Oregon, USA. Late career librarian - MSLIS, University of Illinois GSLIS, December 2003. 
- Reference & E-Learning Librarian - Adjunct instructor for GFU College of Education online courses. 

(Note: My George Fox University Google+ account is used solely for Hangouts with students and colleagues)

Interests: Emerging Technologies, Higher Education, Libraries, Mobile Devices, Mobile Information Literacy, Educational Technology, MUVEs, Gaming, Augmented Reality, NFC, Google, Apple, Chocolate

More Interests: Hiking the west hills of Portland (geocaching and taking iPhone photos via Instagram app along the way), dining at the many excellent Portland restaurants, playing with mobile everything - always learning.
  • University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
  • Boise State University
  • George Fox University
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This caught me off guard, a bit hard to believe and will be interesting to follow. -- New Jersey introduces a bill - "Requires institutions of higher education to develop open textbooks available to students at no charge and requires buyback of used textbooks at 50 percent of purchase price." #opentextbooks   #oers   #highereducation  
Bill A 2809 (New Jersey).

Requires institutions of higher education to develop open textbooks available to students at no charge and requires buyback of used textbooks at 50 percent of purchase price.

#OER #Affordability
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Love my #pebble  smartwatch and #wearabletech  in general, but not sure I'm ready for the #InnerNet  of video :)
45-year-old Chris Dancy is known as "the most connected guy in the world."
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Looks like another important document to add to academic librarians' reading list. 
- ACRL is pleased to announce the release of “Environmental Scan of OERs, MOOCs, and Libraries: What Effectiveness and Sustainability Means for Libraries’ Impact on Open Education,” a research report by Carmen Kazakoff-Lane. #OERs   #MOOCS   #libraries   #openeducation  
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Reading through the first part of the draft Framework for 
Information Literacy for Higher Education. Very glad to see this. Plan to share with librarians at my university and provide feedback. (Feedback on the first two parts will be accepted through 5pm Central on Tuesday, April 15, 2014.) #informationliteracy   #highereducation  

"The creation of this new Framework suggests an expanded definition of information literacy, one that goes to the heart of learning itself, while allowing for varied manifestations of what information literacy means for students, faculty, administrators, and a range of academic specialists in a variety of academic institutions. The following definition underpins the Framework: Information literacy combines a repertoire of abilities, practices, and dispositions focused on expanding one’s understanding of the information ecosystem, with the proficiencies of finding, using and analyzing information, scholarship, and data to answer questions, develop new ones, and create new knowledge, through ethical participation in communities of learning and scholarship."
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My students in #TRGC585  Developing a Professional Online Identity course have been learning about Google+ this week, this will come in handy -thanks to +Denis Labelle 
Google+ Toolbox
I. Google+
. Discover Google+:
. How-To Google+ Videos:
Meet the new Google+: A stream with style and smarts 
Google+: Related Hashtags
Hangouts: Conversations that last, with the people you love
Google+: How to get started <- click
Google+: About circles
Google+: Fun with Hangouts
Google+: Reading and responding
Google+: Sharing
Google+: Set Up Your Profile
Google+: Find people you know
Google+ Communities: A place for whatever you're into
Google+ Events: Introducing a new way to get together
Google+ Photos: Great photos, in less time
Bring your conversations to life with Hangouts
Google+: Share photo albums
Google+ Photos: Editing tools to make your photos smile

. Google+ Support:
. Google+ Help 101:
. Google+ Help Tips:
. Google+ Help Community:
. Google+ Help Weekly Round-Up:
. Things you can do on G+ right now:
. Google+ in 2013:
. Google+ At Work:
. Google+ Safety Center:
. Hangouts on Air: /
HOA guides:,, , and
. G+ Platform:
. Circle +Google+  and +Google+ Help 

II. Google+ Your Brand / Business
. Discover here:
. G+ Brand/Business - 21 Case Studies:
. Google+ Partner Playbook:
. Video: Complementary Google Products - Google+
. Webinars:
Kick-Starting Social with Google+
Growing your Business and Engaging your Audience with Google+
. Circle +Google+ Your Business  

III. Google+ Teaching 
. Google Plus Posts and Photos - complete guide (updated) (more to come...)
. Google Plus Basics, Tips, Tricks and Updates: . What is Google Plus? A Complete User Guide. (Videos and Blog):

. What is Google Plus? A Complete User Guide. (Videos and Blog):
. Free Google+ courses, content and resources. Sign up here:

Sign Up For Weekly G+ Updates:

#googleplustips   #googleplus  
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+Robin Migliaccio Ashford  , thanks for the reshare.
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Have her in circles
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Been having conversations with colleagues about the topic below since attending the recent Library Publishing Forum via the #LPForum  hashtag on twitter. Would love to see a consortium wide library open textbook initiative. Decided to write a blog post and seek feedback. Questions I have: How doable is it? Are the challenges too great? Would the benefits to students be worth it? Any thoughts on this topic would be appreciated.  #opentextbooks   #highereducation   #libraries  
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An excellent playlist of four short videos explaining the value of Rice University's OpenStax College free textbooks. Downloaded one this morning, highly recommend.  #openaccess   #openeducation   #opentextbooks   #OERs  
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Just tested Kaizena for leaving voice, text and resource links within Google Docs. Worked perfectly, will use and recommend to others. Great way to provide feedback to students or for collaborating on a document. Thanks to +Stacy Behmer for video and +Kaizena for nice work on a useful tool. 
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Everything you need to know about embedding posts onto blogs from +Google+ - tested in blog post, it's super easy on blogger blog, works for blogs as well. 
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YVW, Annabelle. And agree, this is a nice feature. I'm also noticing that I can comment here or on my blog where I've embedded this post and comments post simultaneously in both places regardless of where they are written. 
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Enjoyed attending and co-presenting with colleague +Anna Berardi  at #Educause  Connect: Portland - PDF of our session on page below  #EConnect14    #onlineidentity    #socialmedia    #personalbranding   #highered  
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Online discussions on ACRL draft information literacy framework #ACRLILR...

There are two online meetings, on April 4 11am Pacific time/2pm US Eastern time/7pm UK time or 17 April at 8am Pacific time/ 11am Eastern ti

Librarian by Design: Library Publishing and Open Textbooks Initiatives

In addition, according to the report "65% of students said that they had decided against buying a textbook because it was too expensive. The

Environmental Scan of OERs, MOOCs, and Libraries

ACRL is pleased to announce the release of “Environmental Scan of OERs, MOOCs, and Libraries: What Effectiveness and Sustainability Means fo

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