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Yes, this is my kitchen.
Go ahead and laugh.
I do.

A little painterly processing for #Project52 | Week 17 | "The Kitchen"

+GPLUS::P52::2012 | +Project52-2012 | by +Giuseppe Basile
#2012PROJECT52 | with grateful thanks to the hard-working and wonderful curators +Kate Church +Gretchen Chappelle +Sue Butler +Shelly Gunderson +LaDonna Pride and +Gary Munroe
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This is so cool, awesome, nice, beautiful, great, and .......!
It's perfectly how I imagine your kitchen would look - beautiful and cheery!!
+Robin Griggs Wood ... I've seen a lot of the painterly effect used on G+... but I've never seen it done better. Just the right amount of effect and saturated enough so that even I'm happy... and I'm a saturation freak. In other words...Perfect, my dear, just perfect.
Would you come over and make my kitchen look this good?? :) Lovely, warm and inspiring, it's wonderful +Robin Griggs Wood!
gorgeous and gorgeous technique
Beautifully done. I love the colours and the different textures.
Sooooooo cool, Robin! :D Love this!!
Wonders how big the Mansion Robin calls a house is! Love the painterly processing!
This is so you, Robin. Not anything to laugh at.
Reminds me of the Dutch Masters. Wonderful !
Love the colors and values! Great job.
I am not big on flower shots but I really like this. Excellent work.
Such a magical atmosphere Robin! Very beautiful!
Seriously!! i thought it was your Bathroom :P
I need more eyes to see .....this beautiful makes me crazy
I love flower so much everyday. Beautiful !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
Very very.... beautiful !!!
Hi, I am new to G+, and trying to find people with the same interests as me, and I came across your profile with this image. It has so much color! I love it so much. Keep up the excellent work! Nice to meet you also. :)
+Michael Akpan -- thank you!
+Gretchen Chappelle -- thank you, and for helping with the P52!
+Lisa RedWillow -- thank you, dear ... :o)
+Sandra Parlow -- and slightly psychotic! ... ;oD ... thank you, dear and for helping Kate out!
+Alan Allum -- that is so kind of you to say, really. Yes, I "kind of" like color .. ya think?!! The technique is a mixture of about forty different layers of stuff ... :oD. Thank you, my friend.
+Kate Church -- haha! Sure, dear ... put the coffee on, I'm there! ;oD Hugs to you, dear Kate ... :o)
+Bryn Forbes -- thank you for saying that .. :o)
+Kai Schmidt -- thank you ... :o)
+Amy Weiss -- pretty wild, eh?! ... thank you, dear!
+Daniel Ewert -- thank you!
+Swaroop Subbanna -- Thank you, my friend. While it is surely a mansion to many in the world, it is a very little house here––but I feel lucky to have it ... :o)
+Sridhar Sri -- thank you
+Pam Wolfe -- Well, at least you know what colors to redecorate in for the right mood! ;oD ... thank you, dear!
+Mary Wardell -- thank you so much, my dear friend ... :o)
Absolutely, +Robin Griggs Wood ; it looks like some of their paintings from c 1600s, especially Ambrosious Bosschaert's tulips.
+Robin Griggs Wood see... those 40 layers... that's what I'm talking about. Most of the time I see this filter used, its just slapped over the whole image and called good. I've seen so many potentially gorgeous shots absolutely killed with the overuse of this effect. So, once again I'll say that I've never seen it used better. You painted in the effect where it was needed and masked it off of things like the wall, tile. shelves and a lot of the plants where it would have just looked terrible. That takes not only time and skill but real vision.

You go girl... this is absolutely one of the best post jobs I've seen in a while. : )
+Alan Allum -- I so appreciate your attention to all the little things. Yes, I am the same way––you've seen one, you've seen them all. And I understand that people post them sometimes to show the springboards of their learning process, but when they never move past that, they're just not looking anymore.
I am still learning new things, too, but in all my years doing art in many forms, the one common denominator I have found to the things that make us drop our jaws or hold our breath is the palpable spirit of the artist upon the canvas. You can feel when there is a labor of love in attention there, and we humans admire and gravitate to the love in each other more than anything else.
Ah, I'm going to make you regret commenting, if I go on like this! ;oD
Thank you, so much, my friend ... :o)
Overall… I find it nice & visually pleasant. My recommendation: grow some vegetables.
+John Dusseault -- thank you, my friend!
+Gemma Costa -- thank you, dear ... :o). I post to the Breakfast Club every day, so don't feel compelled that you need to comment on every one, but do you want to be plus-mentioned? ... I didn't want to bother you with it daily. Let me know .. :o)
+annastazia searle -- thank you!
+Pablo Diaz -- haha ... indeed you are right! Thank you ... :o)
+Robin Griggs Wood you can mention me every time you like,..... :))) if you prefer to add only the tag don't worry, I've already added you to the Circle of +Breakfast Club and, obviously, I cannot comment every photos and every day :)

p.s. I love so much this photo :)
+Gemma Costa -- I only didn't want to bug you, and I am happy to mention you ... :o) ... and will never get my nose out of joint if you don't comment ... :o). Thank you, dear!
+Robin Griggs Wood :))) thank you very much dear, you never bug me and now that I know that you'll never be angry with me I feel me better :)
+vickram y -- so very sorry to have missed your comment ... thank you very much for the kind words
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