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There is something admirable,
something distinctly wonderful
in all individuals,
if you just care enough
and pay attention enough
to find out what that is.

For #InspirationalSaturday , with thanks to our inspirational curators +Charlotte Therese Björnström +Khrystiane Friedli and +Louisa Catharine Forsyth !!
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Beautiful, love the softness and tone. Sets a wonderful mood!
For me it is my aroma, I stink better than everyone ;-)
Man, that sunlight really makes this shot +Robin Griggs Wood, I love how it moves the eye around!
Gorgeous lighting, and perfectly illustrates your words!
Love the light and very dream like state of this image. Feels like the flowers are reaching to touch the light.
That is a wonderful photograph, +Robin Griggs Wood! Spectacular scene, beautifully processed ... but your words added to its beauty! ♥
Is this available as a print or poster? Truely beautiful and moving. Calming to the soul. Makes me want to find a patch of grass and just lay down and soak up the sun and peace of being close to the earth.
Absolutely coolest! Sunny afternoon
i agree it is beautiful i wish my back yard was like that. lol <3
Nice shot and very true saying, but get people in their bodies instead of dissociating is a formidable task to say the least
A feeling like being on the blanket after a very nice pick-nick, shortly before the well deserved little nap. Nice one. I'm right there.
Tuan Le
Beautiful words and image Robin. Sometimes I have to try real hard for certain individuals but it's usually there.
Daisies are my favourite flower. Simply amazing.
Ha! I just thought of all the replies +Robin Griggs Wood will be making. Hope you don't need much sleep ;-)
Omigosh, you people are killing me here with your wonderful words and support!! :oD Can I say, that my original intention was to go through each and every one of you who commented here and take the time to find an admirable thing about you, but I expected like 20 comments max!! This is going to take me all year!!!!! eek! -- To +louis clark -- YES, I do!! :o)
Befitting a beautiful woman and intellect.
So agree, yes. And great shot !
Beautiful photo, wonderful work Robin!
It feels like if you made all of us see what you saw with your own eyes on that moment. Very nice shot!
Jc Hale
This scene makes me thunk
I like the quote, I am trying to find something distinctly wonderful in Santorum
looks like a perfect spring/summer day to sit quietly alone and love God.
+Brian McKenzie At the top of the page, there is a sidebar on the left. Look down the sidebar until you see 'What's Hot'. Click this, and then on the top right of the page there is a slider. You can use the slider to control how much 'what's hot' content shows up in your stream.
Love it and the way the light shines on the flowers....just beautiful...
This is spectacular Robing. Such beautiful tones. I absolutely love the flowers in the center leaning towards the light.
Life Is Sweet Because Of the Friends We Have Made
And the Things Which In Common We Share;
We Want To Live On, Not Because Of Ourselves,
But Because Of the Ones Who Would Care.
It's Living and Doing for Somebody Else
On That All Of Life's Splendor Depends,
And the Joy Of It All, When We Count It All Up,
Is Found In the Making Of Friends !!!*
GORGEOUS!!! I adore the sun rays and the light.
Life Is Sweet Because Of the Friends We Have Made
And the Things Which In Common We Share;
We Want To Live On, Not Because Of Ourselves,
But Because Of the Ones Who Would Care.
It's Living and Doing for Somebody Else
On That All Of Life's Splendor Depends,
And the Joy Of It All, When We Count It All Up,
Is Found In the Making Of Friends !!!*
Now that is the kind of post that would make me re-enable the "What's hot" stream again. :-)
a bugs point of view, its a great view!!!!!
Nice to see something truly wonderful hit the What's Hot :) Beautiful and dreamy photo.
got that vaseline effect , very nice.
That's okay Robin, so many people miss one in themes, happy to see you taking part :):)
Wish I felt that way. Maybe I can recapture that feeling after I overcome this life issue!!
i wish i was like that but i am not imaybe after i recopturate i can have felling like that lol and this is not joke
nice that what i will feel like in spring break
So relaxing looking forward to flowers of spring
Wish I could b there....
that is a nice view i would love to go there:D
"Rise Up My Children!" Mama tells them. "We're trying! We're trying!" The babies told Mama.
That reminds me, I have to lay down some weed killer
im still in love with this i keep coming back.its made my day better.
that just made my day!
That is so beautiful :)
it makes me feel calm and peaceful
Some would say it's the same something
Cool I'm 20 yrs old and the little girl on my profile is not me that is my little cousin getting ready to go to a party for her bday
Hello Robin, great shot. It's really good to see a female artist. I've seen some great art work from several men on goggles +. I have seen a lot of people with great talent. I to am an artist when it comes to making soap, lotions, bath salts,jewelry, and other crafts. Since I have joined I have met several very interesting and talented people. Keep up the good work.:-)
Everyone! (Except for me)
Zen Hok
i love this photoshop picture
hi could you possibly be my friend?
I've lost the capacity to comment directly to each of you, but thank you EVERYONE for your comments, plusses and shares -- omigosh!!!
Paying attention to the divinely beautiful person in that picture makes me trust your words!
woah ... very crowded in here ... just stopping by to say hello and linger in that lovely light. Enjoy the rest of your weekend.
it took me to an another world..........its amazing
And shots like these ARE inspirational +Robin Griggs Wood ! You inspire me everyday Teach. ...I didn't know it was possible to get 863 Plus 1's.. :)
Is that a photograph or painting...?
Whatever it is, it is outstanding! It truly has inspired me...
I set it as my personal profile pic... :)
Sage K.
beautiful day and lovely picture
هااى احب اتعرف عليكم
i mean this is just beutiful! what type of camera do you have??
+Madison Drown -- it is really not much of a camera, as cameras go––not a high end or expensive one. I can shoot manually with it, however, and do shoot in raw so that I have a lot of leeway with an image in post processing. It is more about learning how to make a good shot and, I believe, all the years that I have spent doing art (paintings and photography) in general––it is the hours spent that make one certain of where to take an artwork, not so much the camera used.
oh. well thank you! I have a hard time finding the right things to take a picture of. and i mostly want to do it of nature! but i guess i just need the patince if doing it... by the way you take amazing pictures. i hope soon to become like you!!
+Madison Drown -- I do mentorships here at G+. I am in the middle of one right now, which has about five weeks to go––but if you set an appointment on your calendar to check back to my stream after that time, I will be starting up another one that you can sign up for (they are free). In the mean time, the best advice that I can give is to shoot A LOT! Just shoot and let your heart and moods guide you for a while. That doesn't require much patience because you are out in nature doing what you love anyway ... :o). In time, you will reach for what you need most without feeling overwhelmed.
Well thank you, and i will defentley think about the mentorship.(:
Like the mood this gives me as it somewhat like where I live.
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