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Do try and get outside and enjoy the world for a bit today.
You're not actually enslaved, you know … ;o)

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Marvellous shot, great idea! :)
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I had a major computer meltdown yesterday and just needed something peaceful posted here to give me a better mood. I managed to overcome most of the liabilities last night, but gave up by midnight since my body wakes up at 4am no matter what time I go to bed ... I dive back in today for another onslaught. Wish me luck! ... :o)

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Best of luck rebuilding everything! I've had to switch my computer due to an intermittent hardware problem and have been working on getting all that "stuff I take for granted" set up on the new computer. I at least have the old one to copy stuff from when I realize I've missed something:)
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Night's candles are burnt out, and jocund day stands tiptoe on the misty mountain tops. ~ William Shakespeare

... either that, or I've become convinced while processing this image that there was a UFO there I'd blithely shot ... ;o7

+Mirrors and Reflections with thanks to the wonderful +Gemma Costa  #mirrorsandreflections  
+Wet Wednesday with thanks to the wonderful +Jen Baptist  #wetwednesday  

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I love the gorgeous reflections!!  It's my pleasure to share your amazing photo to the +Landscape Photography page!  Check out all the great photos there including yours!!  
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A Chorus Line Sorry for the redux, but this one of my favorite droplets shots (because I worked so hard on it!) and the theme for #MacroMonday  today is LINE UP! (My apologies to the macro crew, I know we should shoot new!) The workflow to get the shot –– You are currently looking at 49 images … ;oD
"Why so many, Robin? … are you really as crazy as you seem?!!" –– yes, I am … read on …

49 images?! Yes, I'm a little crazybut only a little

I had a vision for this shot and 49 shots in total (all here in this one image) is what it took to realize the final result relative to the limitations of the equipment I have. I shoot with a small camera and, because of its small sensor, I get a lot of ugly noise in my images. To combat noise, I shoot multiple shots of the same frame and exposure and stack them in layers which reduces the noise pattern while retaining image sharpness––7 per seems to be my magic number for success with noise reduction. 

"But that should make this shot made up of only 7 images, right?"

The lens that I have available to me for macro can only focus on a very tiny area, no matter what manual settings I use. To get all six of the drops in the frame and fully in focus, I had to shoot each drop separately (plus an extra shot for coverage) and then merge them together in post work. So, what you are looking at here is essentially a micro-pano. 7 shots of each of the seven shots that made up the "pano". I have no software to do automatic focus-stacking, so I blended them all together by hand. While it is not that special of an image in general, for all that effort, I personally am thrilled that I was able to pull it off!

I am curious how many people will notice the "surprise" … ;o))
There is a shy little "dancer" in my chorus line …
One of the droplets actually fell behind the feather when I was laying the drops. My first thought was, "oh crap … now I have to start again!" (I'd already placed four … and it's so tedious to get them just where you want them). But it just hung there, so I decided to go with it … ;o7

I had this little number running through my head while I was editing my little golden "dancers" … ;o))


#MacroMonday (sub-theme: LINE UP) with thanks to +Sandra Parlow & +Jeff Moreau and new-to-the-crew +Wendy Baker and +Jules B

#macroaddict (+MacroAddict) with thanks to +Sandrine Berjonneau  +Jean-Pierre Malézieux +Christian PR +Ruth Hochholdinger and +William Banik

#rgwoodpost #photography #googleplusphotos #naturephotography #macrophotography #hqspmacro #MacroAddicts           

Please feel free to ask me,
if you would like any of my images 
available for print at
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nice M A C R O
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(*Secretly hopes that "Kiss a Camelid Day" becomes a Worldwide official holiday)

(p.s. ... and will try not to spit on you in the process.)

#KissACamelidDay   #CannotResistThoseBigImploringEyes   #CuteOverload   #BeCarefulCuzItSpits  

Fridays are #bokehlicious  :o) … ˚ºoOoº˚
With a nod and grin to those #bokeholics, +Leo Deegan +Michael B. Stuart +Dave Besbris +paula contreras +Wesly Smith +Angie Smith  +Wendy Chase +Paul Moody +Shannon Adelson and sundry (that may rival the non-curator list of a certain non-theme! … ;o7)

Waves to the #FarmFriday  crew, +Ellie Kennard +Steven Kennard and +Susanne Stelle (+Farm Friday)

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+Robin Griggs Wood  It’s our pleasure to select your wonderful photo to be shared on
+BTP Animal Pro To see more 5* Star photos be sure to visit
Thank you , Enjoy your day !
(Hugh Ferguson)
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My bird normally handles my nuts !
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I hope no one seeing this has vertigo ... ;o7

Happy middle-of-the-week, folks ... wishing you an easy slide to the weekend ... :o)

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+Ellie Kennard funny.
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Robin Griggs Wood

Shared publicly  - 

(Partly because, everything I am doing today seems to be moving so-o-o much slower ... ;o7)
Old School. Back in my day..... Google old school
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We get gazillions of these a day - not! Once you've worked on Search at Google, the idea of a paper queries at our volumes is truly unimaginable. 
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The dead opposite of a "creamy", gentle bokeh ... this is known as "The Bokeh That'll Poke-Ya!" (The cactus flower is also hiding a little buggy surprise, so it's all-around dangerville with this little one. You can look, but no-touchy! ... ;o7)

Fridays are #bokehlicious  :o) … ˚ºoOoº˚
With a nod and grin to those occasionally touchable #bokeholics , +Leo Deegan +Michael B. Stuart +Dave Besbris +paula contreras +Wesly Smith +Angie Smith  +Wendy Chase +Paul Moody +Shannon Adelson and sundry ... :o)

#FloralFriday with thanks to +Tamara Pruessner +Eustace James +Beth Akerman +Kiki Nelson and +FloralFriday 
#MacroAddict +MacroAddict with thanks to +Sandrine Berjonneau and +Didier Caron

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:o))) ... +Sassi Sassmannshausen 
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Fantastic mood and detail.
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If you've made it this far, please know that there is NO such theme as #SeagullButtSaturday. The following people, sometimes posting to the #FunniestNonthemeOnGplus, are actually the #FunniestNonCuratorsOnGplus.

+Robin Griggs Wood +Ursula Klepper +Christin McLeod +Sassi Sassmannshausen +Lauri Novak +Richard Ball +Craig Szymanski +Melissa Beagle +Ellie Kennard +Cora Triton +Steve Savoie +Pam Wolfe +Joy Mum +Jon Cassill +Tom McGowan +Annie Irving +Diana Boyd +Debby Moran +Alex Lapidus +Lou McCorkle +Rob Lopes +Kim Smith +Bette Kauffman +Liz C +Jacqueline Hodsdon +Darion Jackman +Steven Kennard +Sharon Stone +Dawn Siadatan +Sumit Sen +Jasbir S. Randhawa +Gazzaroonii T. +John Wade +Dave Bell +Swee Oh +Leo Deegan +Nancy Battis Vita +Patrick Kelly +Marilyn Benham +Mari Luukkonen +Lora Lee Chapman +Giselle Savoie +Carin Bruce +David Q. Cohen +Gernot Glaeser +Maureen Roberson +Brian Grzelewski +cobalt please +Darcee McCutcheon +Annelies Jansen +Rachel Ferris +Margaret Tompkins +Jan Vermeulen +Christi Nielsen

Real themes:
#birds4all curated by +Walter Soestbergen +Ricky L Jones & +Birds4All
#birdloversandwildlife curated by +Robert SKREINER  +BIRD Lovers & WILDLIFE
#birdsgallery  with thanks to +Heinrich Wagner

Must-have hashtags (for hackling the hashtag-haters … ;o))
#SeagullButtSaturday (duh!)
#SeagullButtsInDisguise (for other birds; a fine way to use up all those bird shots you took that are "not quite what you were shooting for" and currently languishing on your hard drive.)
#Gulluminati (what the group of non-curators have come to be known as)
#FunniestNonthemeOnGplus (because, isn't it?! … ;oD)
#Splatterday (Jasbir's invention, applicable for, ahem, some conditional shots … ;o7)

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+Robin Griggs Wood Superb image, Robin! :-)))
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digital fine art & portraiture
Photographer, Artist in Traditional Media, Digital Matte Painter, Illustrator, Photoshop, Mentor, Educator
  • Arcanum: Academy of Artistic Mastery
    Master, 2014 - present
    Mentor and Educator
  • Photography mentor and a director of the "G+ Mentorship Program for Photographers" right here on G+! ═══ Check out the page, if you want to be mentored or want to mentor others! . . . GO TO ––>
    Artist, present
  • digital fine art & portraiture • •
    Artist, 2013
  • Taylor-Allwine & Assoc., LLC
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You can find my work as well at



In the past, I’ve never been much compelled to be very public. However, with the numbers in one private online community I belong to reducing like bills in a shore-leave-sailor’s pocket, a social network is possibly coming to a close for me -- so I am finding the need for an outlet of another kind. Or, maybe I’ve had a minor stroke and don’t know it.

I’m an artist . . . but that’s not saying much, because I believe, and it is something that I have devoted my time heavily to convey, that art expression is an inherent property of human nature. The media may vary, but not the innate disposition.

Those that know me have heard my “talent-as-myth” diatribe all too often, and if you end up tuning in to my posts, you will encounter it soon enough. It is my goal to change the notion, which a great number of people resign to, that one needs to have “talent” to pursue the art they feel or want and am doing this on a daily basis through my program in the G+ Mentorship Program for Photographers.

With that as preface, I will probably devote a portion of my posts to inspiring artists, but I also plan to impart other conceptions that I have about life in general, with the goal of elevating, encouraging, enlivening or energizing those who read them.

Let me begin with this: 

I wish for you the ability to create for yourself all that your heart desires. 


Click here to read "The Care and Feeding of Your Muse" –– a two-part article by Robin Griggs Wood for empowering artists and helping them to overcome creative blocks.


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I've worked for many years, not only as an artist, but mentoring and educating others to help them find their art.
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