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Robin Griggs Wood

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Great dramatic image :)
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Robin Griggs Wood

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So, this happened ... ;o)
It started out as a bit of play because my boyfriend pointed out to me some cool effects a polarizing filter makes over common, crumpled cellophane (that stuff you get wrapped around blu-ray/dvd movies). Using my laptop screen (with a white background on full screen in Photoshop), which also happens to be polarized, and then turning the filter, the cellophane comes up with these crazy colors and makes for some interesting abstracts ⇒ see a screenshot of those here:

I was inspired to play with them after doing a critique hangout with +Lou McCorkle ... she made these gorgeous abstract works, and there really wasn't much to "critique" with them; they were fantastic. But I think the mood of playing with abstract work stuck with me after spending time ooh-ing and ah-ing at her work ... :o). It's all your fault, Lou ... ;o)))

Layering, masking, applying textures, rearranging, applying blend modes ... 50 some layers worth of etcetera ... and voila!

I see it in my mind's eye as printed large, so it may be better for you to click on it and view it in the lightbox. 


#SurrealArtSaturday with thanks to +Mikko Tyllinen & +SurrealArtSaturday
+Fantastic & Surreal Photos with thanks to +Gemma Costa +Rob Heron #fantasticandsurrealphotos  
+HQSP Photo Art with thanks to +Anja Wessels +Enrique Pelaez #hqspphotoartmanipulation  
#rgwoodpost #photography #googleplusphotos   #fantasy #fantasyart #fantasydigitalart #digital #photoshop #creative #hqspart #DigitalArtSaturday   #surrealart   #photomanipulator #photomanipulation
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Superbe sur position de l'image cette photo est de toute beauté couleur merci beaucoup 
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Robin Griggs Wood

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Don't fall into negatives about yourself. Don't spend any time thinking that you have wasted time, because that is a waste in itself. Focus on now and the future only. Focus on what it possible.

Everything you need is right there in you already.

Don't make less of yourself, not ever. When you do that, you are tearing down that which you are trying to build. YOU are the best thing you have; don't forget that.

#LeavesOnThursday with thanks to +Mehdia Ridder and +Leaves On Thursday  #rgwoodpost #photography #googleplusphotos
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Formidable de voir cette Sucrine avec une couleur aussi belle merci 
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Robin Griggs Wood

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+Robin Griggs Wood That bird is Greek. He is called Varoufakis-Bird.
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Robin Griggs Wood

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A mind centered and not focused on harming others, is stronger than any physical force in the universe.
ᴡᴀʏɴᴇ ᴅʏᴇʀ

#FloralFriday with thanks to +Tamara Pruessner +Eustace James +Beth Akerman +Kiki Nelson and +FloralFriday 
#MacroAddict +MacroAddict with thanks to +Sandrine Berjonneau and +Didier Caron
#rgwoodpost #photography #googleplusphotos #Friday #TGIF #naturephotography #macrophotography #FlowerFriday  #flowerphotography #floralphotography #hqspflowers #hqspmacro #Macro4All #MacroManiacs
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Jolie couleur superbe 
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Robin Griggs Wood

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How often I found where I should be going only by setting out for somewhere else. (Buckminster Fuller)

Funny, every time I look into that folder, the sky seems somehow different ... ;o)

Valley of Fire, Nevada ... um, fire-quenched ... ;o)

#tgsmu   #tgsmu2015  

#MountainMonday with thanks to +Michael Russell and +Mountain Monday
#MonochromeMonday  with thanks to +HBE +Jerry Johnson +Steve Barge +Dominique Hilbert +David Orr and +Monochrome Monday
#LandscapePhotography with thanks to +Margaret Tompkins +Jim Warthman +Toshi Nakamura and +Landscape Photography

#rgwoodpost #photography #googleplusphotos #hqsplandscape #BTPLandscapePro #Nevada #Sunrise #Travel #TravelPhotography #Sky
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Excellent N&B merci 
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Robin Griggs Wood

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Dubbed the "most exciting Photo Tour contest ever put together" because "one winner will receive a rather epic prize. An all expense paid trip to New Zealand to join Trey on his New Zealand Photography Workshop. All-expenses include absolutely everything from air fare, food, hotel, transportation, everything! ($8,500 value)" Did you get that? ⇒ air fare, food, hotel, transportation, everything! ... and, of course, hanging with the seriously fun +Trey Ratcliff. Don't wait, go put your best foot forward now!
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Oh thank you! +Robin Griggs Wood now I got it !
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Robin Griggs Wood

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A New Mentorship! on Cinematic Storytelling +Morgana Creely has opened the sign-ups for her second mentorship! Check out these rave reviews:

PLEASE NOTE: course content may include dark or adult themes. Sign-up is quite limited and at the ORIGINAL post only here:
Round Two of the “Single Frame: Introduction to Cinematic Storytelling” mentorship is ready for sign-ups!

This is a special program introducing some of the compositional elements of visual storytelling through the +G+ Mentorship Program for Photographers.

I will be taking on a handful of people for a six week on-line mentorship program which will include lessons, assignments, and informal discussions. Everyone who participates can have fun and learn at the same time!
Hi I’m Morgana, a Photographer and author, and I’ve always been passionate about creating images that tell stories, and helping other photographers find their own storytelling voice. You can find out more about what I do over on my website at

*PLEASE NOTE: This is NOT a technical workshop and this is NOT a course for beginners. 
You will be expected to own and know how to use a DSLR, basic lighting principles and have access to artificial lighting (Studio, speedlight, even practical lighting such as desk lamps would be fine. You will also need access to and a basic working knowledge of post processing software such as Photoshop or Lightroom.
Images used for example during this course will not necessarily be family friendly or safe for work. Whilst I ask that images of nudity or violence are not posted to this course, examples and course content may include dark or adult themes.
Selections will made: August 1st - 3rd, 2015 AEST for the mentorship beginning August 10th, 2015

These are the selection criteria:
• You must own and know how to use a DSLR, basic lighting principles and have access to and a basic working knowledge of PS or LR. 

• You must be taking and posting your own photographs regularly here on G+ –– an absolute minimum of three days between Public posts; more increases your chances of being selected. (The class itself will be private to the group selected except for the option of a public display album of your best work at the end.)

• You must be interactive here at G+, as you will be expected to participate in this program giving feedback and comments to others.

• You have no previous studies in this subject, since this program is designed for those who have not had the opportunity or advantage to add this skill set to their knowledge base.

• You have the time available to participate in this workshop.

• You must have a sense of humour, a willingness to give and take constructive criticism, and not be offended by dark or adult themes.

To be considered for selection, please comment to the main post only, here:  [] 
(your application will not be seen at any reshares) and answer the following questions in your comment:

1) Photography skill level

2) Photo editing software used most

3) Favourite film and stills photography genres

4) What you want to get out of this mentoring course

5) Previous non-technical art, photography or cinematography studies

6) Amount of time you have available for participation

1) Intermediate hobby photographer, shooting for 2 years
2) Photoshop with a bit of Lightroom
3) Big Budget Action movies, Westerns
4) To learn how to work out my ideas in front of the camera
5) Two one say workshops and YouTube :)
6) Weekends and the odd evening.
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Robin Griggs Wood

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Mmmm ... bokeh!
You can just ignore the flower ... ;o))

Fridays are #bokehlicious  :o) … ˚ºoOoº˚
With a nod and grin to those #bokeholics, +Leo Deegan +Michael B. Stuart +Dave Besbris +Art through the Apeture Photography +Wesly Smith +Angie Smith  +Wendy Chase +Paul Moody +Shannon Adelson and sundry (that may rival the non-curator list of a certain non-theme! … ;o7)
Michael B. Stuart +Leo Deegan +Wesly Smith & +Dave Besbris 
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Belle fleur dont la couleur est trop belle merci 
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Robin Griggs Wood

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Hi too July Do my bed Kiss you WEDNESDAY 7292015 job 427 MP, But 
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Robin Griggs Wood

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Agave Bokeh for #SeagullButtSaturday
Because everybody* is doing it this weekend.**
(*erm, +Leo Deegan) … (**erm, yesterday)

If you've made it this far, please know that there is NO such photography theme as #SeagullButtSaturday. The following people, sometimes posting to the #FunniestNonthemeOnGplus, are actually the #FunniestNonCuratorsOnGplus.

+Robin Griggs Wood +Ursula Klepper +Christin McLeod +Sassi Sassmannshausen +Lauri Novak +Richard Ball +Craig Szymanski +Melissa Beagle +Ellie Kennard +Cora Triton +Steve Savoie +Pam Wolfe +Joy Mum +Jon Cassill +Tom McGowan +Annie Irving +Diana Boyd +Debby Moran +Alex Lapidus +Lou McCorkle +Rob Lopes +Kimmetal Smith +Bette Kauffman +Liz C +Jacqueline Hodsdon +Darion Jackman +Steven Kennard +Sharon Stone +Dawn Siadatan +Sumit Sen +Jasbir S. Randhawa +Gazzaroonii T. +John Wade +Dave Bell +Swee Oh +Leo Deegan +Nancy Battis Vita +Patrick Kelly +Marilyn Benham +Mari Luukkonen +Lora Lee Chapman +Giselle Savoie +Carin Bruce +David Q. Cohen +Gernot Glaeser +Maureen Roberson +Brian Grzelewski +cobalt please +Darcee McCutcheon +Annelies Jansen +Rachel Ferris +Margaret Tompkins +Jan Vermeulen +Christi Nielsen

Must-have hashtags (for hackling the hashtag-haters … ;o))
#SeagullButtSaturday (duh!)
#SeagullButtsInDisguise (for other birds; a fine way to use up all those bird shots you took that are "not quite what you were shooting for" and currently languishing on your hard drive.)
#Gulluminati (what the group of non-curators have come to be known as)
#FunniestNonthemeOnGplus (because, isn't it?! … ;oD)
#Splatterday (Jasbir's invention, applicable for, ahem, some conditional shots … ;o7)

#rgwoodpost #Gulluminati #Gullarazzi #FunniestNonthemeOnGplus
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Bien joufflus j'adore est propre aussi 
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Robin Griggs Wood

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Somewhere In Another Universe

Sometimes ya just gotta go crazy.

#damnthecritics   #fullspeedahead  

#rgwoodpost #googleplusphotos #hqspart #Sky #digitalart #digitalpainting #photoshop #photomanipulation  #mattepainting
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Trop beau 
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    Master, 2014 - present
    Mentor and Educator
  • Photography mentor and a director of the "G+ Mentorship Program for Photographers" right here on G+! ═══ Check out the page, if you want to be mentored or want to mentor others! . . . GO TO ––>
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You can find my work as well at



In the past, I’ve never been much compelled to be very public. However, with the numbers in one private online community I belong to reducing like bills in a shore-leave-sailor’s pocket, a social network is possibly coming to a close for me -- so I am finding the need for an outlet of another kind. Or, maybe I’ve had a minor stroke and don’t know it.

I’m an artist . . . but that’s not saying much, because I believe, and it is something that I have devoted my time heavily to convey, that art expression is an inherent property of human nature. The media may vary, but not the innate disposition.

Those that know me have heard my “talent-as-myth” diatribe all too often, and if you end up tuning in to my posts, you will encounter it soon enough. It is my goal to change the notion, which a great number of people resign to, that one needs to have “talent” to pursue the art they feel or want and am doing this on a daily basis through my program in the G+ Mentorship Program for Photographers.

With that as preface, I will probably devote a portion of my posts to inspiring artists, but I also plan to impart other conceptions that I have about life in general, with the goal of elevating, encouraging, enlivening or energizing those who read them.

Let me begin with this: 

I wish for you the ability to create for yourself all that your heart desires. 


Click here to read "The Care and Feeding of Your Muse" –– a two-part article by Robin Griggs Wood for empowering artists and helping them to overcome creative blocks.


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