PoliticusUSA describes the political ruckus over USAF not requiring that Bibles be installed in its bases anymore.

Let's suppose, for sake of argument, that Bible is an infrastructural facility that Christians need to use for their daily routines, and that lack of a proper Bible can really ruin a Christian's day. Would it make sense to install Bibles into soldiers' rooms?

Not really. For one, the infrastructural Bible could be easily damaged or corrupted. Suppose a soldier previously lodged in the facility ran out of paper to package flowers for his or her beloved in, and 'borrowed' some pages from the handily available book. How could this be checked during inspection? It couldn't, and if these pages happen to be what the Christian in question needs, his day will have been ruined. Suppose you're a Mormon, but the Bible in your hotel room is a Jehovah's Witnesses' version. Wouldn't that ruin your day? Considering that most JW bibles omit the Book of Mormon — an oversight, I'm sure —, it certainly could. Suppose a good soul / evil Satanist borrowed the Bible for use by a friend dying of smallpox, multiply resistant tuberculosis, or perhaps just plain old plague, and returned it when said friend had no use for it anymore. How could this be checked during inspection? It couldn't, and if the Bible happens to be printed on an absorbent medium — say, paper —, reading it on a bad day could ruin many days. Suppose somebody slipped in a variant that said Thou shalt commit adultery. Nobody might notice even after reading it, and if such details would turn out to actually matter, the reader's immortal soul could be imperiled merely for doing as his holy book commanded. All in all, it doesn't make any more sense to rely on a book in a hotel room to be in good textual and sanitary order than it would to rely on a computer in a hotel to have a clean keyboard and be free of viruses and spyware.

Luckily, advances in papermaking technology and precision printing have given Christian soldiers access to cheap mobile Bibles, so each can carry around exactly what he needs for his purposes, and take care of its maintenance on his own. As far as I know, it is actually a common practice among Christians whose day could be ruined by lack of a Bible. This happens to be a good indication that the purpose of Bibles in military bases' hotel rooms doesn't probably have much to do with reading them.
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