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Don't you find it odd that there were 4-5 other messiah figures during the time of jesus who have a strong historical record but jesus, the one who caused a huge political and social revolution, has absolutely no historical records whatsover? i find the situation unconvincing

Why somebody with no martyrs has historical record but somebody with 1000 martyrs has no historical record and history has a giant 321 year gap between 0ad and the records? What happened? Why is there a giant dark hole surrounding Jesus' life and why does the roman empire end (and the Egyptian empire) around the time of his death?
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Gospels and epistles and other related writing are historical record. That's far more than we have on most historical figures from antiquity.

And wtf is the 321 figure? We have one fragment of manuscript [ ] from ~125 CE, and a lot more from late 2nd century.

Try finding any contemporary manuscripts about Alexander the Great, good luck with that.
The mythical Jesus was a homeless vagabond, the child of a working class mother and step-father. Members of this social class leave less historical traces than their more aristocratic contemporaries.
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