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Robin Green

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Pump up the volume on this one.
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Robin Green

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Robin Green

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Robin Green

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Robin Green

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I've started using this app lately to track time spent on my different projects. It's really simple and integrates nicely with lots of other apps too.

They offer a mobile, desktop, and web app interface so that its available to you wherever you work.

#QuantifiedSelf   #PersonalProductivity   #TimeManagement   #Rajb  
Simple and free work time tracking & timesheet export to PDF, CSV & Excel files. Get started in 1-click! Track on web, desktop or smartphone.
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Robin Green

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Robin Green

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I. The Bargain Imagine a fantasy world inhabited by both humans and ancient, unspeakable evils. The ancient evils ravage hundreds of kingdoms every generation, taking countless millions of lives ye…
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Robin Green

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Surrogates, v0.1
I have been part robot since May. Here is my story.
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West Malling, Kent - Dublin, Ireland - Lancaster, England - London, England - West Malling, England - Swansea, Wales
Software Developer
Scala, Akka, Play Framework, Haskell, Java, Linux
  • UCD
    Computer Science, 2005 - 2008
  • Lancaster
    Combined Science, 1997 - 2000
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The air conditioning/heating in our room was stuck on "cold", and there was no phone in the room (or heating controls!) so we kept having to go down the hall to use the phone to call them. They said they would increase the temperature and it could take 15-20mins to take effect, but we didn't notice any effect after asking them to turn it up three times! One of those times they even said they'd turn it off, but it didn't turn off! The only thing you get in the bedroom is a bed and a couple of hangars on the wall to hang your clothes on. There's no chair, and even if you pay extra for a window it's a tiny little thing, above eye level. They only provide a combination shower gel/shampoo/soap in the bathroom for all washing, and in our room the bottle kept getting stuck so it was annoying trying to get the soap out of it. That said at least the bed was comfy, the shower was small but worked well, a hairdryer was available to borrow on request from reception, and there was a thoughtful touch of a light switch on the side of the bed.
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