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Robin Good
Works at IKONOS sas
Attended SFSU San Francisco State University
Lived in Rome, Italy
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Great introductory video.  I learned of curation tools that are new to me.  
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Robin Good

commented on a video on YouTube.
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Glad to have been of help Kathleen.
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The best of online video curated into 30' programs: is here. Check it out. #contentcuration   #video  
Watch the best videos for free, 24/7, on any device. From music to sports, kids, skate, surf, comedy and more—it's out of this world.
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Big data, content curation and algorithms converging: a wise combination of human judgement enabled by algorithms will become the new king of content. #curation   #contentcuration   #algorithm   #search  
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Using content curation as a content marketing strategy? Think twice about how you want to really do this. #contentcuration   #contentmarketing  
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Adi R
+Robin Good  - I recently came across this guide: but most of the links leading to widgets don't work anymore. What is even more annoying is that some of them redirect to Google. I think you did a great job and put a lot of work in making the  guide but it would be great if you would update it :) 
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Great examples of curation at work: VLS a Very Short List - daily newsletter with little text but lots of value - curated by Alexa Jaccarino. #contentcuration  
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Loved the video, +Robin Good. A good mixture of opinions on what it means to curate. Nailing jello to a wall might be easier. :-) 
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Circa, Inside, Newsy: what makes these curated news discovery apps tick? How relevant is the curation factor for their success? 
#contentcuration   #journalism   #news  
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This is the right way to look at it. 
While I agree with +Robin Good that content curation is not content marketing, I think that content curation DONE RIGHT can be an important part of your content marketing strategy. What does "done right" mean?
1) Reading and understanding the content you are curating, as opposed to "keyword" scanning
2) Adding your own layer on top of the original content to create something new
3) Adjusting the original content to your target audience, providing a real value for them specifically. Highlight the parts relevant for them, use the content to start a discussion, etc.

In any case, content curation alone cannot be considered a content marketing strategy, you need to also create original content.
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Great example of content curation can be effectively used in the classroom with pretty impressive results. #contentcuration   #learning  
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9,614 people
Publisher, Curator, Writer, Speaker, Startup Coach, Videomaker
curation, content curation, web publishing, startup strategy, web design, online collaboration tools, presentation design, presentation tools
  • IKONOS sas
    Independent Professional Online Publisher, present
  • Google, Microsoft, RAI, Mediaset, Videotime
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Rome, Italy - San Francisco - Santa Barbara - Koh Samui - Milan
Publisher - New media explorer - Startup Coach
Hello, I am Robin Good, an online independent publisher and a passionate explorer of new media technologies and their effective use for communication, marketing, education.

My focus areas are:
- Web Publishing
- Marketing Strategy
- Content Curation

- Online Collaboration Tools
- Web Presentation Tools

- Video Publishing

I am the founder of MasterNewMedia (1999), an online magazine for professional web publishers, published in four different languages and with a readership of about one million visitors per month. 

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  • SFSU San Francisco State University
  • SFAI San Francisco Art Institute
  • UCSB University of California at Santa Barbara
  • University of Rome
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