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Are you stuck researching a Georgia ancestor? Then join us tonight at 8pm EST when we will help you: Add to Your Arsenal of Georgia Genealogy Resources! #OTR #BTR
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I'll be there! Need help with Talbot Co., GA and surrrounding areas early 1800's!!!
It was terrific I learned so much! I can't wait to get the pdf and strart digging! My problem is finding an ancestor born in Talbot Co., GA around 1820. I cannot find his parents or siblings either. Actually I need to research GA pre-1800 until about 1842.
There are pre-1800 records here for Talbot Co. Plus I noticed several resources you will be led to from the .PDF. The email that is showing says no reply. If you will send your email to me, I will forward the .PDF:
Oh, I'm so sorry I missed this. I've been stalled on a couple of my Georgia ancestors for some time.
Also Margie and Jenni, I know a research specialist we can ask if these resources do not link you to a find! Just let me know!
Thanks for the link. I'm glad I haven't missed it completely. I may need that specialist yet. I will let you know. First, I'm going to try a few more tricks and see if I can uncover anything.
Robin, I sent you an email. I really need help now from the GA research specialist you mentioned in your post! Please let me know how to get her help!! Thank you!! : )
Hi Jenni! I responded to you using gmail, before I realized to send to your other account. You should see it now. Our team will help you. I included the email of the contact person. Let me know you see the email! You are welcome!
Robin, I have thoroughly enjoyed your recording on Georgia resources which is my concentration. I found Georgia (Wilkes County) very difficult to search, but with the resources you gave I am praying that I am more successful. Looking forward to receiving the PDF. Thanks again
Hi Mamie! Thank you! Please forward your email address to me, and I will gladly send you the Georgia Resources PDF file! My E-mail is: Here are additional resources on Wilkes County:
Thanks Robin for the additional resource link for WC!
Glad I Found This. After 1880 My Great Great Grandmother's Maiden Family Seem To Have Vanished 
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