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I wasn't sure, i loved Rory and Amy so much, and i wasn't certain i could have someone else be the companion, but Clara changed my mind quickly.

I am so looking forward to this season, the possibilities are so exciting.  i CAN"T WAIT!!!
I agree. I took to Clara immediately. I can't wait to see where Moffat is going with her.
Like so many of his stories, what i love the most is how it makes my mind spin possible stories, yet still manages to surprise me when he tells his version. 
I say, her wonderful mind was thrown into the time vortex when the dalek asylum was destroyed, and she is looking for him, and the Great Intelligence was what gave her a template for a form...
OR.... she is CAL, and after living with River for years/eons, she escapes the moon and goes in search of the doctor.   In a way giving river a chance to live with the doctor in the same time arrow.
I saw a theory that she was Jenny, the clone daughter made from the 10th Doctor. There's no telling what she'll turn out to be!
Although that would be a little weird as she kissed him! LOL
but then we have the double EEW factor!   When she kissed him i was like "hey, hey, hey!!! he is married and either his wife or his mother in law, will KICK your ass chickie!!!"
I know, I expected him to say "Hey, I'm married!" LOL
So, I have this long standing joke, with a friend, about a crazy snowman that I call Frosty the Snowbeast... That snowman is looking suspiciously like him. Just sayin'. 
Also, this makes me want to catch up on Dr. Who even more now. Gotta get through all the Tennant eps first though. 
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