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I think this means I first have to figure out what Fake Geek Girls are, then decide if I like them, then look up what Tony Harris said about them, then be affronted, then watch this video?
My opinion is what she says first in the video: "There are no fake geek girls."
Any geek girl knows that the first thing we have to deal with is the "legit quiz." I hate the "legit quiz." Love the response video! 
You know what's interesting in having watched that video in heretofore complete ignorance? One could tweak the words/situations here and there and be talking about a plethora of other male-dominated clubs, cadres and industries.

Sad, but true.
Thanks for sharing this. I am very grateful that I'm married to a geeky man who loves me. I may take this into account when kicking his ass in MTG tonight.
This also reminds me I should get back into comics. I've missed them. Maybe if I ever meet one of these sexist men again I'll flash my Cable #1 signed by Robert Weinberg whom I met at a writing conference in which he spoke brilliantly. He truly is an awesome guy. (I wonder how many of these men can make such a claim...)
+Shannon MacKay I used to collect, but it gets so expensive because there are just too many titles I want to read. Right now, I'm sticking to a few Dark Horse Titles and the Locke & Key series.
Comics are really expensive. Especially when you're still in high school, working your tail off for $6/hr. Now that I'm all grown up and have two kids, even more so.

Out of curiosity, have you heard of the writer Mort Castle? He's done some work with Dark Horse.
I freaking love Locke & Key. Also reading Unwritten right now. And I love that Dark Horse has gotten into manga. +Shannon MacKay , I've heard good things about Mort Castle, but only about his fiction. I didn't know he was doing some Dark Horse stuff. 
<---  needs to start writing comics, obviously.  'cept I caint draw fer sh--.

This genre might solve my 'gawd-it's-so-hard-to-finish-this-off' writing problem!
Last I heard, and this was ten years ago, one (or more) of his stories were being put into comics, I think through Dark Horse. 

I'm actually really happy to find someone else who has heard of him. I know he's no Stephen King, but he taught me the foundations of what I know about writing and publishing. He was a fantastic mentor, and I'm grateful that I was able to learn and write under his wing for three years.
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