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Snug is going nuts because this is the first tree we've had that she can't reach. Yet.
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Where did you get this tree?  I rather think I need one.
I found it on Amazon after searching for "Hanging Christmas Tree." It was around $30 and is pre-lit and pre-decorated (although I added a few things to it).
Ooo! Wow! I saw your other post, but did realize it was 2D tree! I haven't had a Christmas tree in six or seven years because of the cats. I'd love to have one of these! :D
+Tressa Green I haven't been able to have a tree either (thanks to the cat in the photo above). They should be marketing these to cat owners.
I did a search on Amazon and got an undecorated one for $13. I'm really excited now! I love Christmas and though I adore my cats, I've missed having a tree very much.
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