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Robin Andersen
I'm retired, I invented dice.
I'm retired, I invented dice.


So what's the new cool way to send a digital invitation these days? I'm thinking of designing my own but still want RSVP tracking. Invitees are from diverse technological demographics so initial contact should be made via email to keep it simple…and RSVP'ing should not include signing up. It should also be spam-box proof or provide link tracking so I can see if it was actually viewed.

If you say Facebook I block you.

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Pedicab of Thrones

Why do I show up in my own "family" stream?

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This is probably the greatest promo I've ever seen in my life. And it will, in fact, get me to buy their shoes. Thanks to +Brian Matiash for sharing and making me laugh my ass off. FYI, this is definitely not safe for work.

Heading home from a night of great laughs provided by Eddie Izzard, whom I've always wanted to see live (I missed his Warfield stop last year). Great show, great crowd, and sparrow bombers.

weird. just noticed that Dropbox won't allow me to share a directory above a shared folder. Say I want an AD to have access to the main folder but individuals access to only their folders. Maybe it's because I shared the sub-directory first? Either way it's lame. Now I have to invite the AD for each person.

Just got my first spam follow in G+. I'm happy to utilize the block feature. Was surprised to see that one of my friends was actually following it (yes, I said "it").

Realized today that I put my photo studio equipment in three different storage units after our move. The plan was to have it all in one place. Whoops. Now that I think about it, maybe it's better that way…if one was ever broken into they wouldn't get all of it. I managed to find it all for tomorrow's shoot.

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