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Plastic Bottle Carriers, Paperboard Packaging Solutions, Poly Bag hooks and Converting Equipment
Plastic Bottle Carriers, Paperboard Packaging Solutions, Poly Bag hooks and Converting Equipment


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With an effective two-bottle carry design, the 2 Pack Carriers offer maximum efficiency and sustainability.  
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Innovative Handle Applicators Work at High Speeds

Roberts PolyPro has recently unveiled their innovative high speed handle applicator.  This system offers the highest speed and is the most advanced handle applicator in the company’s history.  

Working at speeds of up to 600 bottles per minute, this machine uses a continuous motion roll-feed design to achieve packs of two, four, six, eight, and twelve.  

Versatile and innovative, the handle applicator from Roberts PolyPro has a roll-feed design that is used to reduce the cost of handle dies.  Added benefits of the new design include a cost reduction for the number of dies required, for example, one die per bottle neck size, not pack-size configuration.  By uses this latest innovation, the handle applicator acquisition cost is significantly lower.  

The HDPE handles utilized are fully recyclable as well as thin, light, and strong.  When comparing costs to previous generations of handle applicators, the newest high speed systems is a 26 percent difference.  

Advantages of using this machinery include a reduction in labor, as operators no longer need to fill stacks of handles into the machine magazine, but can simply load a roll of handles onto the machine.  When changing rolls, operators simply weld the end of the in-use roll to the beginning of the next roll by simply pushing a button on the machine.  

The handle applicators are designed to hold two rolls of handles, which is utilized to reduce labor costs.  Located right after the capping machinery, the handle applicators avoid the need to handle in-case applications.  This increases throughput, while simultaneously reducing the footprint of the machine.  

For customers who run high speed operations with between one to three bottle neck sizes per line, this is the solution you’ve been waiting for.  This machine offers high throughput, a favorable cost of acquisition, small footprint, reduced material cost, and flexibility.  
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Roberts PolyPro manufactures and designs plastic components to enhance packaging performance.  With over 30 years of experience, Roberts PolyPro has developed machines to ensure that all industry needs are met with exact precision.  

In the pharmaceutical industry, a new high performance modular system for e-pedigree printing and labeling is available.  This system can also be used for Braille embossing and high speed inspection and verification.  The machine provides an all-in-one solution for pharmaceutical packaging.  

Mandates have been changed recently to ensure anti-counterfeiting.  Roberts PolyPro offers a unique system to overcome implementation of e-pedigree labeling and verification issues.  

Early attempts at e-pedigree printing and labeling were unable to achieve success.  Converters have tried to add print heads, labelers, embossers, and vision inspection systems to folder gluers.  However, the folder gluers are not a viable option for traceability and other labeling applications.  

Another problem with folder gluers is the vibration of the cart during conveying.  Flutter, as it is called, leads to poor print quality because there is variation in the distance between the print head and the carton.  Basically, the movement causes lower quality images.  

To correct this issue, Roberts PolyPro developed a solution from the group up.  The solution replaces the finishing operation’s carton feeder with a Roberts PolyPro pharma feeding system called the Rx for cartons and flat blister packs.  

This machine includes a carton or flat-pack feeder and conveyor with standard and customizable widths and lengths.  With longer conveyors, there is more space to mount print heads, Braille embossers, and vision inspection and verification systems.  This also allows for varied applications such as pre-folding, carton stacking, and more.  
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Roberts PolyPro is a manufacturer of innovative product packaging solutions.  Serving numerous industries, the company enhances the function of consumer packaging.  

Industries that benefit from Roberts PolyPro include the food and beverage, paperboard packaging, and textile markets.  Solutions available include bottle carriers, pour spouts, j-hooks, and box handles as well as many other innovations.  

In addition to enhancing packaging, the company offers a complete line of standard and custom packaging machines to apply plastic solutions and help paperboard manufacturers increase efficiency, eliminate labor, reduce repetitive motion injuries, boost productivity, and save money.

Over the last two decades, the company has established advanced machines to ensure that product handles and packaging solutions are innovative in technology.  The in-line window applicator is just one example.

This machine is capable of handling up to 40,000 packaging units per hour and was developed because the previous windowing systems required addition labor and operated at a slow speed.  

Window applicators and folder gluers used to be separate production processes, but the in-line window applicator eliminated that need.  Because of this innovation, windows are now applied to each box with instantly curing UV-sensitive glue that requires no dry time.  

Features on this machine include speedy changeovers, ease of use and maintenance, a simple pushbutton operation, and offline film unwinds with automatic splicers.  

Roberts PolyPro machinery is designed to increase line speed and performance.  With a goal of precision and speed, the windowing applicator met a need and exceeded expectations.  The modular converting machines, including the windowing applicator, are capable of integration into production lines.  Or, Roberts PolyPro engineers can design and engineer a complete converting line that matches a client’s unique requirements.
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Plastic Solutions from Roberts PolyPro Reduce Labor Costs
Roberts PolyPro specializes in product packaging solutions for diverse markets including the beverage, food, paperboard packaging, and textile markets.  Providing customers with advanced plastic solutions and a complete line of standard and custom packaging machinery, the company offers numerous machines that meet exact product requirements. 
The plastic solutions available from Roberts PolyPro include bottle carriers, box handles, j-hooks, and pour spouts.  Each of these devices is used to enhance the function of consumer packaging as well as to help paperboard manufacturers increase efficiency, reduce repetitive motion injuries, eliminate labor, and save money. 
This company is powered by Pro Mach, a provider of processing products and integrated packaging for pharmaceutical, beverage, consumer goods, and food companies.  Pro Mach powers multiple brands, in addition to Roberts PolyPro, to provide processing equipment and product packaging, installation, parts, and service, and PMMI certified training in end of line packaging, flexible packaging, primary packaging, bottling and capping, identification and tracking, and material handling. 
A variety of plastic solutions are available.  Numerous hooks for poly bags are designed and used to display general textile, hosiery, and other products in stores.  The goal in using poly bag hooks is to create an aesthetically appealing display that maximizes efficiency. 
The poly bag hooks include insert header tab hooks, J-hooks, plastic insert hooks, and captive and slide-on hooks.  The custom applicators from Roberts PolyPro include the hook in bag applicator and the hook in card applicator.  Use the durable insertion and application machinery for hook-in-bag and hook-in-card applications.  The plastic insert hooks are reliable and use a unique, patented cartridge system to produce a variety of high-speed machines. 
The plastic insert hooks have a superior reputation in the United States and Europe.  Features on these hooks include practicality, safe assembly, and aesthetic enhancement.  These hooks meet the needs of producers and consumers and are available in a loose or organized cartridge format. 
In addition, custom plastic solutions are available.  Roberts PolyPro has worked with many clients to meet unique, custom requirements.  Now, these solutions are available for use.  Some custom plastic solutions include custom bottle handles beverage carriers, paperboard packaging pour spouts, reclosable paperboard packaging fitments, and packaging edge protectors.
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