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Playing Super Mario Bros like a boss. #SuperMario
Is EVERYONE on the gallery staff as bad at their job as I am?  Even the security cat is useless.   #caturday  

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No wonder they couldn't find it, they were looking on the wrong solar system body! :/
I believe it!

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binary watch :D

#binary   #clock  
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"I'll just be moving along now..."
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#wellnesswednesday  Looking for an alternative to potato chips?  Try some baked zucchini chips with paprika and sea salt.  Registered dietitian Lauren Minchen recommends using paprika not only to flavor this healthy snack, but also to boost your metabolism, reduce your appetite, and lower your blood pressure. Cut a zucchini into thin slices and toss in 1 Tbsp olive oil, sea salt, and pepper. Sprinkle with paprika and bake at 450°F for 25 to 30 minutes. 
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I'm going to try this.

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"Barack Obama showed up at his meeting with Dutch PM Mark Rutte with his usual caravan of armored limousines and the like. Here’s how Mr. Rutte got there:"

"Dutch leaders not only are better at republican manners than ours are — no caesaropapist trappings for Mr. Rutte — but also offer a standing rebuke to American cultural practices by reminding us that it is possible to ride a bicycle without special shoes, a helmet, or spandex."
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La diferencia cultural es asombrosa y no deja a los americanos bien parados por más importantes que se sientan siendo así de exagerados. 
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Hacked an university's (UPR) VAX mainframe at the age of 19, getting kicked out of an university (UPR) for hacking a VAX mainframe :)
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Overview — Mayan EDMS 0.11.1 documentation

Mayan EDMS started as a simple project whose only requirement was the storage of PDF files, from there it has grown into a complete electron

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