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Roberto Mezquia Jr
Android enthusiast 📱 Honda Salesman 🚗 Miami raised 🏖
Android enthusiast 📱 Honda Salesman 🚗 Miami raised 🏖

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Some people should take note and start using #GooglePlusCollections  and here's why...

I'll be the first to admit that when +Google first launched #Collections I was a bit confused as to why I should use it... I actually just didn't understand its place on this place called +Google+... But now that I do understand it, I think everyone should be using it for the majority of their posts...

I've come to this conclusion because I follow a lot of people on here and while I love all of my followers, and at least some things they post, there are some posts that I just wouldn't care to ever see on my stream... In the awesomeness that is Google+, being able to sort out what is on your stream is probably my favorite feature... It allows me to not see things that are of no interest to me... 

So rather than unfollow your profile entirely, please, please, please start using Collections so that I may continue to follow the posts I deem are good and disregard those I don't feel are a fit for my stream... 

Since using Collections I've been able to start several of them myself and now I can't imagine making a post outside of those Collections unless its something I feel all of my followers should read... like this post! It takes really little effort to first create a Collection and nearly zero effort to post to them once created... I see them as my little "Communities" and are one of the best changes Google has added to this platform since +Google Photos launched... 

TL;DR create and use Google Collections or you might see your circle count slowly drop 😇
Introducing Google+ Collections, a new way to group your posts by topic

Our happiest Google+ users are those who connect with others around shared interests and passions. So we set out to give people a place to express the things they love. Today, we’re announcing Google+ Collections, a new way to group your posts by topic.

Every collection is a focused set of posts on a particular topic, providing an easy way for you to organize all the things you’re into. Each collection can be shared publicly, privately, or with a custom set of people. Once you create your first collection, your profile will display a new tab where other people can find and follow your collections.

Posts in collections you follow will appear in your Home stream, with a link to easily jump right into the collection so you can get to similar content from that author. Collections give you a great way to find more of the stuff you love from the people you follow.

Collections is available on Android and the web, and iOS is coming later. For Android users, make sure to update your Google+ app to get access to Collections.

For inspiration on interesting topics, check out our Featured Collections page here:

Create your collections today and share what you love.

If you have questions then also be sure to check out our Help Center content; if you still can’t find an answer then please post your question in the Collections subcategory. 

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I'm a fan of the original #Moto360 design as far as Android Wear watches go... I was thinking of replacing it... What similarly designed wear watch would you get and why? and if there are any watches coming soon, mention those too... I can wait about a month or two but no later for warranty reasons...

#AndroidWear #AndroidWatch 

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Here she is... I know people will be wanting the Championship White or Black #FK8 but I just want my blue already!!

#CTR #CivicTypeR #CivicX #TypeR #HondaCTR #Honda 

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Here she is... I know people will be wanting the Championship White or Black #FK8 but I just want my blue already!!

#CTR #CivicTypeR #CivicX #TypeR #HondaCTR #Honda 

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So I've decided to change over to this naming scheme for my themes since it makes sense and is quite clever compared to what I used before to name icons within my themes...

It would make sense to me to name an app like YouTube TV with 4 _ to capitalize the "TV" part of the name? ie:

But it seems I have to name it like so:

anyone else know another way?

Also, maybe the website could reflect how to name something like YouTube TV so others would know how to name items like these... 
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+Marques Brownlee​ does a blind camera test for us all... Here's my pick below... I paused after each shot to compare and this is what I came up with!

1) C - most consistent at producing the winner of each round.
2) D - this was tough but C just beat it out by one or two minor things.
3) E - more consistent than "B".
4) B - not always consistently good the the rest.
5) A - just because I have to include all of them.

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Sweet... I love seeing these things... #GoogleVR 

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Didn't know this was a thing but I am certainly going to see it!! #EmojiMovie 

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WOW!! 7:43:80 New World Record!

This is insanely fast... The last CTR held the record of 7:50 for a while but was beaten by the VW GTI Clubsman about a year or so ago... Which is basically a modified street car for the track... This CTR was in stock production form with equipment added only for extra safety!

#CTR #CivicTypeR #Nurbugring #WorldRecord 

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First package delivered from my #GoogleExpress and I must say... It's pretty amazing! Kinda like Amazon Prime Pantry but for things that I want to get quicker without having to fill a "minimum" box... Saved me a trip to Costco 😎... +Stephanie Mendel#Google #GoogleShopping #AmazonHasCompetition #AmazonPrimePantry 
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