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Roberto Burgos
Software engineer, musician, pizza maker
Software engineer, musician, pizza maker

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I posted this question on SO and I'm sharing here to see if anyone has any feedback.

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Oh man... Joey Beltram 60 min Boiler Room Berlin DJ Set:

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How a Web Design Goes Straight to Hell

Working on redesigning a website for work, and hoping this doesn't happen in the near future. Any advice?

By the way, this is where I work:
(And also but I'm not redoing their site)

Here are the things I need to figure out:

1) Come up with a new design
2) Create a custom WordPress theme
3) Make the switch from Movable Type to WordPress
4) Move the site to a new web host, but keep the old URL
5) Redirect old pages to new pages (accounting for new URL structure)

I can figure this out, right? =P But if you've been through any of this before and have some quick tips or any useful links to share... yes, please! :)

Anyone out there doing AngularJS work with JSP? I would love to hear pros and cons.

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Never really cared for the anime, but the theme songs is just brutally beautiful... good memories.
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