really?!?!? who the hell is going to confuse an android with and apple pad?? 
German judge extends ban on Samsung 7.7 tablet to the whole of Europe: good news for Apple ánd the Netherlands

 As you can see in the image the Galaxy 7.7 tablet is a spitting image of the iPad ;) at least a German judge thought so in September of 2011 when the new Samsung offspring was introduced on the IFA fair. Apple asked the court at that time to extend the injunction on the 10.1 tablet to the smaller sibling.

Today in an amusing twist of events the German appeal court ruled that Samsung can´t sell any 7.7 tablet in the whole of Europe, except in Germany. The legalities creating this monstrum of a decision are complex, but the effect will be simpler to understand.

With this decision by the, extremely friendly to Apple, Düsseldorf court Germany is not doing its economy a favor. With UK and Dutch judges deciding to the contrary and establishing that Samsung doesn´t violate any design patent the European courts clash. 

As this German decision would inconvenience Samsung enormously it´s certain that they will appeal it. Do realize that in the UK and the Netherlands the cases have been considered by courts in-depth while the German judgement is still based on very preliminary findings. 

When the European courts clash, Samsung has to decide if it´s willing to take the risk and keep importing and selling 7.7 tablets in Europe. As the only exception is the German market itself it will be difficult to enforce this ruling.

Shops could keep on trading citing a conflict of verdicts so the most effective way for Apple to make sure the popular smaller sized tablets is to stop the import. Demanding action by custom authorities can be very effective as was  shown when tens of thousands Playstations where seized when LG got court backing. 

The best way for Samsung to avoid problems with European customs is to use the Netherlands with its large Rotterdam harbor as a central distribution point for the whole continent.

With German courts so trigger happy to protect patent and design holders, most manufacturers will think twice to use Hamburg as their point of entry into Europe. Erecting European headquarters  in Germany will not be high on the agenda of current Android manufacturers or giant companies like Amazon and Google. 

The German courts with their strong protection of rights holders will damage  the economic future of Germany: the Dutch will be grateful though
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