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3D printed Ingress Geotag, with embedded NFC RFID
I was able to encapsulate an NFC tag in an ABS print.
The RFID Tag still functions after printing.
This is a Geotag Marker for Ingress.
I submitted this location as an Ingress Portal, but it will take 6 to 8 weeks to see if accepted.
The Write protected NFC tag will open a blog page which I started for the local ingress play: http://ingress-sepa.blogspot.com/2013/07/ingress-southeastern-pennsylvania.html

- It's just something my daughter and I are trying for fun.
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Does NOT look safe. Looks like a lawsuit waiting to happen
It does kind of look like the sort of thing that could cause a horrifying accident... Maybe the pyramidal piece shouldn't be quite so pointy? 
+Brett Yoakum +Stephen Baird
The Green Monolith (an old tennis backstop) Is right on the edge of the playfield, quite some distance from the soccer fields, under a large tree. My daughter said the same thing though. A bigger worry is that it full of bees, as I discovered.
I would imagine the bees weren't too happy about having something screwed to their nest. 
+Valerie Wallace
It does work, but you have to hold the phone just right. I ended up putting a second RFID tag underneath it. for that very reason. Like many maker projects, this is a first try prototype. I'm still working on refining the design. I look forward to seeing some of your protype designs.
Great first go at it though. That's what's great is the ability to get input and refine it as you go. Not set in stone per se. 
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