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Important for Australia today:

"In the 1960s, the Netherlands discovered natural gas in the North Sea. Yet as its wealth increased, so did the value of its currency. Exports fell and the phrase “Dutch disease” was born. This column reviews the literature and finds no evidence that the Dutch disease actually reduces overall economic growth."
Founding Contributors. Alberto Alesina; Richard Baldwin; Erik Berglöf; Giuseppe Bertola; Olivier Blanchard; Tito Boeri; Willem Buiter; Michael Burda; Stephen Cecchetti; Daniel Cohen; Juan Dolado; Esth...
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cool :)

Robert Wiblin

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A very odd finding:

"Market participants and commentators have often linked the swings in exchange rates over recent years to the use of carry trades, that is, investors' strategies that exploit interest rate differentials across countries. What is puzzling from a theoretical standpoint, however, is that investors should even engage in carry trades, because the textbook theory of interest parity conditions implies that these strategies should yield no predictable profits. As this Economic Letter has explained, the key to the puzzle is yet another puzzle—the forward premium puzzle—wherein currencies with high or rising interest rates tend to appreciate, and currencies with low or declining interest rates tend to depreciate, as investors are lured into buying currencies with positive interest rate differentials and selling short currencies with negative interest rate differentials."
The public web site of the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco. FRBSF is one of the twelve regional Federal Reserve banks across the U.S. that, with the Board of Governors in Washington, D.C., serve...

Robert Wiblin

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This is so awesome.

"Kaggle is a platform for data prediction competitions that allows organizations to post their data and have it scrutinized by the world's best data scientists."
Kaggle is a platform for data prediction competitions. Companies, organizations and researchers post their data and have it scrutinized by the world's best statisticians.
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The guy who started used to work my job :)
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