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Robert Westbrook
Assisting Busy Pastors with complete sermon outlines
Assisting Busy Pastors with complete sermon outlines


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Thanks for inviting me. I'm looking forward to the discussions.

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Looks like a good app to bring your cloud services together.

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Last week I surfed over to the UK Amazon site and found this. Two of my books in the Top 3 for their genre. Thank you Great Britain!

Just want to ask you guys for prayer this weekend. My only daughter is getting married Saturday. Everything is going good, so far, in preparation. The wedding is outside and the weather looks good. The bride and bride's mom (my wife, of course) are predictably nervous. Her dad is absolutely cool. Thanks! 

Have any of you read "Placebo," the latest novel from Steven James? (one of my favorite authors, btw) The first scene is written in 2nd person POV. Just a bit different! But it worked. Have you tried 2nd person POV?

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I use Readability as I'm browsing the web to save interesting web pages for later reading. I've accumulated quite a few writing resources. Readability now allows me to put those resources into a reading list and send them to my Kindle app to read as a book. I thought I'd share some of these reading lists with you.

The first list is from Christian author Kaye Dacus, who shares her Top 10 Writing Tips. I enjoy learning from a published author who will share her journey as an author.

Are any of you using CreateSpace's expanded distribution option? I have a few questions for you if you do.

1. How are your sales through this channel?
2. Have you seen your books discounted by other bookstores?
3. Does Amazon price match when others lower the price?

I've seen where some authors upload the same book, but with a different ISBN and higher price to overcome the price match and discounted prices that come from the expanded distribution channel.

I'm just wondering if the expanded option is another option for my non-fiction books. I'd love to hear from any of you with some experience.

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+Tony Marino You are right about the need to be cautious. I've found that many blog posts are simply filler material, many words saying nothing. However, sometimes there's a nugget or two in there. I use a sophisticated blog reading technique I learned in seminary: Eat the meat and spit out the bones.

That's why I would recommend an RSS reader over RSS via email or surfing individual blogs. A couple of advantages: 1. All posts in a central location-no time wasted moving from blog to blog. 2. Blog titles listed- easy to scan without reading each one. 3. Easy to unsubscribe-one click and it's gone.
What's your favorite blog reader, if any? I just downloaded Feedly and it is, by far, my favorite now. How many blogs do you follow?

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Here's a post about a web service called 750 Words. Looks to be a site worth digging into.
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