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Hello World

I do try to take a look at new followers, but don't always have the time.

If you add me to a circle and would like the favour returned make sure your profile reflects who you are and then ping me with a post (privately if you wish) saying hello and letting me know why I should "follow" you etc.


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We both share the same interest when it comes to Brands on Social Media.
So i got you in two circles. Do you? hehe 
+Barry S you are in my "Buzz Buddies" and "Nutty Irish teachers who've recently relocated" circles.
+Michael Banovsky your comment would imply that you've been to my profile.
Read what it says under where the "Add to Circles" button is. ;-)
Following you because I'm fordsmaxowners on twitter.
Hi Robert - Because we followed each other on Buzz... remember? ;)
Because I'm a virtual assistant that works with Internet Marketing and Social Media... and yes i check the about in your profile :)
The only problem you will have +Robert Wallis is the same issue I have. When you reach 5000 - you can no longer follow back causing a wicked incoming stream that does not stop moving.! I would love to return the favor, but I no longer can with everyone. But, what I do is circle back someone who engages leaving the un-engaged in my incoming stream. Follow the right people :)!
I'll see yours in "incoming" for the mo', but my posts might also be of interest to you ;-)
Everyone's posts are of interest to me, just can't see them all is all.
♥ Sure ...
You can count on some positive feedback ...
~Much Love 2U ...
Hi Robert, thanks for added me on your circle. Kind regards from México.
Cool approach for asking. I'm a fan of Ford, and I found you through the images on the Ford page. Thnx
Great! May I use this idea of handling new followers in my Profile +Robert Wallis? :-)
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