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Robert Wallis
Day job in social. Views are my own. Google+ Top Contributor
Day job in social. Views are my own. Google+ Top Contributor

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Can you answer to the following question ...

When you are looking at a profile on Google+ do you know if it's a Brand Profile or a Standard Profile?

That is the question!

Google has made Brand Profiles and Standard Profiles visually indistinguishable.

For me that is a big problem. I think it's also a problem for you.

I will be making posts on that topic in this Collection.

If you would like to be part of that conversation please follow this Collection.

Thanks 😀

If you aren't sure what the problem is feel free to ask. 

Worldwide Instameet 15 | Photowalk + Kindness

Tomorrow I plan to go and meet up with a load of photographers in London.

I'm planning to try and adding some photo comments to this post.

If I meet you feel free to join in. 😀

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Tonight's Thirsty Thursday is dedicated to +Phil Reay-Smith who is moving on to better other things.

This isn't a picture of Phil, it's a picture of +David Barnett but I don't seem to have too many pictures of Phil and this is a cracking picture of David that I hope can kick the evening off in the right direction.

Let's add some snaps (of Phil) from this evening in the comments. 😎

Cheers. To Phil!

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Location Sharing coming to +Google Maps

This implementation undoubtedly covers the more popular use case, and the move to maps is also logical.

Still, I will miss the ability to passively share my city level location with more people and my precise location with the circles I have chosen. 

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#NotInstagram - On the walk home last night.

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Bookmarking this for easy access to the Instagram "location". 

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Cool car, cool video.

Wish I'd have had the chance to pop by and see it being done. 

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Lots of people took photos of the sky over Blackfriars Bridge from Sea Containers yesterday.

Here's mine. Taken just after I'd left the building. 

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Walking home, trying out some mobile shots.
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