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On the topic of watching "The Man in the High Castle" by herself ==>
Me: I think it's ok if you watch it with some Parental Guidance
E: It's not rated PG, it's rated MA, which means neither of us should be watching it

Dropping off kid to school late =>
Me: Are you going to make me go in with you?
E: I'd like you to
Me: But then I have to get out of the car into the freezing cold...
E: The struggle is real bro

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Fun situation: many (80+) servers are doing a lot of "ssh central_box 'some_quick_command'".

After a day of it, load was 250.

Decided to investigate. After 5 minutes of work, modified /etc/pam.d/ssh and changed line:

session    optional # [1]


session    optional noupdate # [1]

Result - load dropped to 2.5. Thank you #ubuntu

Srinivasan Sivabalan, Bloomberg: “If you owned Apple and sold it, you could purchase the entire stock market of Russia, and still have enough change to buy every Russian an iPhone 6 Plus.”

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Interesting behind-the-scenes look at how Twitter uses Redis: - 10K+ instances, 100TB+ of memory, and ~40M QPS! All of the timelines are stored in Redis.. and that's a lot of memory!

Really disappointed by the Aereo decision today. Does this mean it is illegal for me to set up an antenna that streams it's signal via the internet to my TV? That seems like something that should be legal, especially based on how current law was written. This seems like yet another decision where the Roberts court is ruling based on what some people think the law was meant to do rather than what it says. 

<watching YouTube video which cuts to a scene from Fresh Prince>
Dyl: "who's that?"
Me: "That's Will Smith. With Jazzy Jeff on the drums."
Dyl :"Who's Jazzy Jeff?"
Me: "WAT"
Dyl: "Hey I'm from this century, I don't know"

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If there are any students out there that would like to work on PostgreSQL as part of GSoC, please get in touch with the project.  If you know anyone out there that this may interest, please send them our way.  Students should message the pgsql-students mailing list.

Found out this morning that someone at my company has been writing code in an editor they don't like because they weren't sure if it would be ok to spend $200 on something that they were more comfortable with. I forget how badly people are treated in this industry. #resettingexpectations

File under: Kids These Days!

This morning I made waffles with diced strawberry and bananas (sprinkled with granulated sugar to bring out the juice) on top, plus some maple syrup. I served this to my son, daughter, and her three friends who slept over last night.

My son ate all of his, but said he preferred no fruit. My daughter complained she didn't like bananas and avoided them. Her three friends? All three of them pushed the strawberry and bananas to the side of the plate and refused to eat them.

Who knew that eating fruit was so foreign to kids they won't even eat it with sugar and syrup on top?
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