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Ten to Eight (1977)
~ David Castle
From Flashback Favorites :-)
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Ten to Eight

Early in the morning when you wake up
And your sleepy head is into make up
When you gaze into your mirror
While you paint your face

And you check your eyelashes
Making sure they're in place
And you mind wanders up
Into another time

And you think of him
And how it should have lasted
While the disc jockey man
Gives you the weather forecast

And then he makes you feel so mellow
While he gets you high
And you remember how we laughed
And how he made you cry

Then you look into your mirror
And as you brush your hair

Brush your hair to the rhythm of
The music playing on your radio
Paint your face while you listen
To the talking of the jockey On the early morning show
Put your troubles in
The back of your mind
Cause the temperature
Outside is just fine

And it's ten to eight
And you ain't got the time

So you walk across your room
And start to make your bed
Then you slip into your jeans
Your eyes still feel like lead

And the memory seems to vanish
But the thought's still there
Tell yourself you don't
But deep inside, you still care
Deep inside, you still care

And it's ten to eight
And you ain't got the time
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Robert Tan

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Robert Tan

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Hmmm, this was a bit of an eye-opener. Interesting historical analysis (conjecture?) from The Saker of the Vineyard.
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Robert Tan

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Word Fact: What’s the Name for the Dot Over the i and j? at
While many languages, such as Arabic and Hebrew, add specific accents to the letters or characters throughout their alphabet, the English alphabet has only two
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Song of the Sea (2014)
~ from the creators of the wonderful The Secret of Kells (2009). It's been a long but worthy wait.
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Thanks, +JimShew2​ .
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Robert Tan

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Садко SADKO (1952)
~ Sadko is a Russian fantasy film based on the Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov opera of the same title, which in turn was based on a medieval Russian bylina (an epic tale). It follows the adventures of a minstrel called Sadko and his somewhat misguided desire to impart happiness to his fellow Novgorodians. He and his crew embark onto foreign lands in search of the mythical Bird of Happiness, a phoenix that eventually proved to be not what it seems.

A gorgeously thrilling score that only vintage films can deliver, plus exotic, eye-popping visuals, and a story that is basically a simple social commentary, mark this fantasy film above many others. This was "repackaged" in the States as The Magic Voyage of Sinbad (1962).
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Wow! She completely won me over!

My favorite part:

RT: Do you have any favorites in the race or maybe you’d rather skip that question?

CK: Favorites are for the royalty. No, in a democracy we don’t think in these terms. It has nothing to do with a democracy. Favorites belong to a monarchy.

Did she just...? Hmmm... 
Argentina’s President Kirchner exclusively spoke to RT in her first interview to a foreign media outlet in five years. She said there’s no reason that Russia and Argentina shouldn't have bilateral…
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Robert Tan

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Finally :-)
Crimea: The Way Home - Full Documentary
~ with English subs, audio and video are a bit out of sync. Interesting to hear the Russian side of the story.
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nice to see you around and posting Robert!  I hope things are going well for you!
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Robert Tan

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Nemtsov murder: Putin warned about exactly this type of “false flag” two years ago

Already in February 2012 (two years ago!) Putin was warning Russians about exactly the kind of false flag which we just saw happening with the murder of Nemtsov.  See for yourself:

Note: the Russian word “provocatsiia” is often translated as “provocation” which is not incorrect as long as you are aware that in Russian “provocation” can mean “false flag”, as it does in this context.  Putin is clearly warning about a false flag “sacrifice”. ...........

~ via The Saker
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OMG! undeniable proof that Putin murdered Nemtsov! :
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Robert Tan

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For some reasons, "Leviathan" reminds me of "Nashville" and "Mulholland Drive." I have read elsewhere that the depictions do not reflect reality. Well, probably not. But what a true film does is put itself up as a mirror to the soul; be it the soul of a person, or a nation. In spite of the tragic outcome of the film, not to mention the many levels of corruption and atrocities depicted thereof, I thought the film was very hopeful and positive about what it expects. Also, it is aware of the times. This is an important clue. With the support of the Russian Ministry of Culture, I see the possibility of this film causing a quiet, internal revolution. And no, not the regime-change kind of revolution.

And for those who are having their moments of schadenfreude, it is actually disingenuous to gloat over this film. As they say, if you point your finger at somebody else, four other fingers are pointing back at you.

#leviathan   #leviathanmovie  
A Russian film, ‘Leviathan’, by renowned director Andrey Zvyagintsev has won the Golden Globe for best foreign language film, for the first time in almost 50 years.
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Алые паруса SCARLET SAILS (1961)
~ Well, who knew that the Russians made, among other things, some light romantic movies in the old Soviet days, which in this case is a period piece (or what looks like a period piece) based on Alexander Grin's 1923 adolescent romantic novel Scarlet Sails?

This film by director Alexandr Ptushko is very beautiful to look at. The cinematography is just gorgeous! It tells the story of young Assol who, as a child, was told a "prophecy" by a man whom she encounters by the road while on the way to the village. This "prophecy" concerns a "knight in shining armor" who will one day come to swoop her away. And so she grows up, with her head aloft, believing in the prophecy, and hoping. All this, in spite of her poverty and the ridicule she gets from other people.

Simply put, this is a film about dreams and expectations. Some cling to their dreams/expectations, like the father who was angry when the portrait fell, and some make their own dreams, while others make other people's dreams come true. The premise is so simple, it verges on being indulgent, actually. It has a fairy-tale naivete to it, because this is basically what it is, a fairy tale. However, the message at the end is clear and inspiring, and rings true whatever age we are in.

If only we ourselves made other people's dreams come true, and in the process change ourselves.....

*Watch on Youtube and turn on the English captions.
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Yes, it is. Perfect for that wintry weekend night.
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