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Robert Tadjer
♦ Startup CEO | Co-Founder ♦ CMO ♦ Brand Manager ♦ Digital Transformation Leader ♦ Web Master ♦ Content Writer ♦ SEO/SEM
♦ Startup CEO | Co-Founder ♦ CMO ♦ Brand Manager ♦ Digital Transformation Leader ♦ Web Master ♦ Content Writer ♦ SEO/SEM


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“Google is actually quite late to this game. By now, most of the websites you visit are already sharing your activity with a wide network of third parties who share, collaborate, link and de-link personal information in order to target ads,” said Jules Polonetsky from Future of Privacy Forum.

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AMP - faster mobile experience - now in organic search results to users across the world.

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"Delningsekonomin är i sin linda, men det är tydligt att fler och fler tjänster tillkommer."

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"It’s widely agreed that we need first of all a broad paradigm shift in our national approach to health care. But we also need to develop and deploy revolutionary new technologies. For example: data-collecting sensors that can monitor patients’ health in real time; data analytics that can help doctors diagnose difficult cases; and machine learning, which allows cloud computing to modify its own programming in order to form conclusions and predictions from vast amounts of data collected from millions of patients over time."

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"All scientific articles in Europe must be freely accessible as of 2020. EU member states want to achieve optimal reuse of research data. They are also looking into a European visa for foreign start-up founders."

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Data-driven Marketing Advice for CMOs

Excellent speech by Per Caroe #IBM Global Marketing Evangelist (cool title!) on May 12th, 2016. He also stood at the IBM Marketing Cloud (formerly #Silvercloud) corner at the #ecommerce 2016 #fair, #Kistamässan, #Stockholm, #Sweden.

Europeans have a lot to learn from the Americans who are often much better public speakers at the many start-up, IT and digital marketing events that I attend.

Key insights by Per Caroe:
#Uberization in #marketing.
• Discrepancy in what CMO's think works and how customers perceive their targeting.
• Small companies - more opportunities than ever before.
• Big established companies - greater marketing budgets - but slow moving.
• Slow moving CMOs stuck in Excel - torchbearer CMOs embrace change and the paradigm shift.
• CMOs working #datadriven tied to revenue contribution sometimes more important than CEOs, according to Caroe.

I've helped many small business owners (particularly older) with a history of throwing away money on ad hoc efforts and too many #printads with almost no grasp of #ROI.

My reflections:
• Tech important - but us #marketers still need soft skills - unlike stereotypical backend developers able to hide behind a desk.
• The best marketers - more Math Men than Mad Men - but lacking social skills still inexcusable - no Big Bang Theory!

Great marketing resource in one of the slides:

#ibmmarketingcloud #marketingresources #digitalmarketing #techmarketing #CMO #CEO #smallbusinessmarketing #smbmarketing #revenuecontribution #digitalroi #digitaldisruption #ecomsthlm #globalmarketingevangelist #publicspeakers #seminars #RobertTadjer #PerCaroe

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Data-driven Marketing now easier than ever before

Karin Zingmark, #CMO lead at #Microsoft spoke at the
e-commerce #Easyfairs #Stockholm #fair on May 11th about #digitalroi now being easier than ever with #revenuemarketing giving predictable results and assists the #salesteam.

Zingmark basically said #marketing in #traditionalmedia, such as #TVads, where experienced #marketers like her used to buy #ads, no longer work. Customers increasingly dismiss Internet #bannerads. Microsoft have a #datadriven process - rather than direct sales they inform with e.g relevant #content and #whitepapers.

Customers fill in data - behaviour and interest evaluated with #marketingautomation in Marketo* - #omnichannel signals high enough interest - sales rep calls.

* There are many similar services, as Zingmark said.

#ecommercemässa #ecommerce #kistamässan #digitalmarketing #RobertTadjer

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"Vår plattform RealQ används i dag för många diagnoser men just hepatit är en viktig diagnos för oss på många sätt, säger Martin Svensson, VD på Health Solutions. Vi har jobbat inom infektionsområdet sedan dag 1 i bolaget och vi har sett vilken nytta våra applikationer gjort i den delen av vården genom åren, det är därför extra roligt att det är den just en infektionsapplikation som möjliggör vår expansion i Storbritannien."

#HealthSolutions #RealQ #HepCare #ehälsa #itivården
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