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Heya, NZP members ... just a quick note to you all to ask you to avoid linking to external websites (including your own) unless it's absolutely critical to the point of your post , i.e. letting people know where to get interesting new software in the "discussion" segment, or linking to an interesting article (in which case a substantial summary of the article would be appreciated rather than just the title)

Thanks! :D 
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Robert Simpson

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Day 541 - A Brisk Walk
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Robert Simpson

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Day 539 - Rats with Wings
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HAHAHA! Day 536 was a few months ago, I think. Oh well, I said 1000 days - never said they would all be in a row. :D #PlayingCatchUp   
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Robert Simpson

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Want a studio's worth of photography gear? For free?? Eeeh?

SLR-Lounge competition ahoy!
Enter here -> :D

Good luck!!
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Robert Simpson

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Robert Simpson

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Things I wish I knew as a novice photographer, #445

Businesses don’t run competitions because they want to reward you for excelling in your craft. They run competitions because they want to explore new and interesting ways to ensure your readership of their product and accompanying advertising, and to make money from your attention.

Open entry art competitions also have a very good chance of completely shattering an unwary/unprepared/inexperienced entrants positive experience with their craft. Ten thousand people enter, and one is selected for praise at everyone else’s emotional expense based on someone’s singular opinion on what art is good and what art is not. And then, after you are effectively told that your entry is nothing more than a generic 6-by-4 not worthy of mention or praise on its own merits that’s been thrown in to the black-hole of unmentioned silence, you have the ‘winner’ and his fantastic prize rubbed in your face in a presentation / acceptance video to make you feel even more like a loser. This is a sure-fire recipe to make huge numbers of people feel very, very bad about their efforts and ability. I've seen many people give up their craft after entering competitions with an unprepared mind-set.

A person would be far better off entering weekly competitions with their local camera club, who are NOT hell bent on scarring them for life.
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+Mike Gannaway Hear hear! :D
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Completely bloody brilliant review of the Nikon Df by Lee Morris of FStoppers .... somebody get these guys an oscar! 

Fstoppers Nikon DF Digital Camera Hipster Review
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Day 540 - Rats With Wings Pt 2

#Napier   #HawkesBay   #NewZealand   #SeaGull  
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.oO( that was my face expression when i saw Kansas for the first time, hrhr ) 
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Robert Simpson

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Day 538 - The best place to leave a box of carpet underlay is...
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Awesome, Robert!  Love the depth of field.
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Robert Simpson

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Things I wish I knew as a novice photographer, #712

Online "popular photography" businesses aren't ‘nice guys’ any more than Anthony Hopkins is a flesh-eating cannibal. What you’re seeing is a product, a construct designed to alter your perception and attitude to their goods-and-services-for-sale so they can cash in. This is called ‘marketing’. They are not your friends and you should not invest in them emotionally.

It’s exactly the same as toothpaste commercial using tall beautiful blonde models smiling broadly at you from up on their bill-boards. That model is not your new squeeze, nor your BFF. She’s up there so you’ll buy the toothpaste.
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Oh I totally agree, would I want to see 'every' photo a person produces... no I want people to self review, choose the best and share it with everyone... We can then enjoy what they have captured and maybe even be inspired to do something ourselves.

I was meaning those people who heap false and maybe even 'paid for' praise on another photographer and blindly state how every image xxx photographer takes is worthy of being called the best image ever. This is not how it happens for me, I try things, some work out and some don't... I learn, I grow... mistakes are just as important as successes and people need to know that... a bad image doesn't make you a bad photographer... rather it is something to learn from... a stepping stone to something better.
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Genuine and consistent effort given to customer service, and the food is great too. If you haven't given these chaps a go, I'd strongly recommend you do. Takeaways, roast meals, Chinese food.
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A boutique cinema - while relatively small, the seating is generously spacious and well laid out (to the point where foot traffic can pass in front of your seat without fear of bumping in to you, even if you are sprawled out). This is an upper-class establishment, well maintained and cared for. Great sound, a great screen, and a top-shelf intimate experience. Take note though - this cinema is selective of what titles they show, so not all high profile box-office events will make this screen. The Kings Speech, yes. Final Destination 23, no.
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Once the shining star of tourism in Napier, Marineland has ceased to operate. Lack of funding and star animals (due to the death of a resident dolphin "Kelly" some years back) led to the facility being poorly attended and maintained. The remaining attractions are to be transferred to the National Aquarium of New Zealand located a short distance south down Napier's Marine Parade. As of June 2012, the National Aquarium appears to be undertaking significant remodeling to accommodate the remaining Marineland attractions. The Aquarium is a first rate attraction, and is well worth the visit.
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