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I'm undecided and usually don't discuss #Politics , but just #FYI here's a #Free entry in the Obama, Clooney and You #Sweepstakes to win a spot at a reception with #GeorgeClooney and #BarackObama . Rules and link to entry form are at:
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On the issues that matter the most to me (global hegemony, human rights, drug policy), there is unwavering similarity between the choices. At least secondary issues like lbgt equality make Obama seem better, but I guess that's the goal of wedge issues: to make you choose between the blue pill and the azure pill.
... has no chance, unfortunately. When my die hard Republican contributing friends and family kept on asking me "which one is he?" To which the only response is "the thin guy with grey hair" because any mention of his issues causes their eyes to glaze over, I know the media shutout worked.
Clooney AND Obama in the same place?? I'm in!! :D
Yup. To draw a parallel to dark night (bringing it back to batman and clooney?): Obama would be the hero America deserves, but not the one it needs.
So wait? Can we vote for Clooney? LOL
I like how you get one entry for free, and you can enter multiple times but you have to purchase them!
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