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…… How To Create Shared Circles On Google+ Now ……

It would be nice to consolidate multiple lists of people with similar interests into a single circle that could be viewed by other Goolge+ users. Until there are full-fledged Shared Circles on Google+, there is a workaround that can be used now. It has some advantages as well as some limitations, including:

• The circle must be maintained by one person, the owner of the circle. Only one shared circle can be created by any one person.

• The circle can be made public, so that anyone can view it or shared only with the owner’s circles. However, only the owner will be able to update it.

• Unlike some of the other ways of sharing lists of profiles, a shared circle, like any circle, will automatically avoid having duplicate profiles.

• Users who are signed in will be able to see which people in the shared circle they are already following vs. which people they are not yet following.

• Because of the “real name” policy, you probably shouldn’t set up a separate owner account for the shared circle named something like “photographers shared” so that the caption on their thumbnail images would read “In photographers shared circles”.

• People will be able to see who is in the shared circle, but won’t be able to see a Plustream of posts from only the people in that circle ... yet.

An example of a shared circle is:

Photographers on Google+

described by this post:

• If you are signed in, the thumbnail images of some of the people you have in common with the shared circle because you have them in your circles will appear under “People in common”. You can click “View all »” to see the rest.

• Below that, the “In (owner’s) circles” thumbnails shows some of the other people in the shared circle, or all of them when the owner’s profile or posts are viewed publicly. You can click “View all »” to see the rest.

Here’s how to create a shared circle in Google+:

1. Determine the person who will own and maintain the circle.

2. Set up a method for suggesting people to be added to the shared circle, such as with comments on a post, which makes it easy to add new profiles (comments are linked to the commenters’ profiles automatically without their having to paste the URL) or Google Docs (with submissions in a separate document, you can ask users to add their profile URLs using either their profile ID number or the vanity URL for their profile, like the ones from http://FriendlyNames.com/).

3. Any duplicates will be automatically eliminated as they are added to the circle. There may be a limit to the number of profiles that can be added to the circle per day.

4. The owner of the circle must change it so that only the shared circle shows up alongside their profile and posts. To do this:

a. Click on “Change who is visible here” below the “in circles” thumbnails on the left side of the page (or “Edit Profile” and click on the world icon just above the “in circles” thumbnails on the left side of the page).

b. Make sure “Show people in” is checked an select only the circle to be shared. The drop down box should say “1 circle”, indicating only the shared circle will be shown to other users.

c. The sharing settings (“Who can see this?”) can also be chosen to allow the shared circle to be seen by “Anyone on the web” or just its owner’s circles.

5. Create a post explaining how people can view the shared circle, propose adding themselves, suggest others who should be added, or request removing themselves from it. See the Photographers Shared Circle post for an example.
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