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Robert Simpson

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You first notice some blue letters: RIAPELRAAGCTEEPCM

In blue, I see 3 "R"s and 2 "A"s rather than 3 "A"s and 2 "R"s, among other letters. First column: ERRGCECM Second column: RIAPLATEP
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Robert Simpson

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"recognistion"?  I'm not seeing any misspelled words in the library though....
Today's Challenge will test your skills of observation, pattern recognistion and investigation: Someone pretending to be my father used to tell me, "Impulsive self-examination breeds narcissism." He obviously never read the entire Series of Unfortunate Events Collection... Enter solution into link. ex.:[solution]
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Robert Simpson

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According to Wikipedia and other web sites dedicated to the subject, a person's "name day" is based on their given name rather than their birthday. So all "Abe"s and "Abraham"s would share the same Name Day, although it seems to vary by country. I was unable to find a "name day" for either the U.S. or Russia for "Abraham" though.
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Robert Simpson

New submission appeals  - 
Type of appeal: New Submission - Rejected as Duplicate
Portal title: Gloria's Way
Location: 33.695374,-78.875346

This was not a duplicate portal.  The existing portal by the same name is at the other end of the walkway, between 9th Avenue North and 12th Avenue North:,-78.87722
(Just to be clear, this is the existing portal that is a little crowded by other portals, which is not the case for the new submission.)

The new submission is at the other end of that segment of walkway, at 14th Avenue North.  See the red circle in the screen shot from Google Street View below.  Street View location:,-78.875346,3a,75y,7.64h,68.29t/data=!3m5!1e1!3m3!1sJJXNLjMgXOwuhDvI1NkAfQ!2e0!3e5!6m1!1e1

Thanks for the review!
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Unfortunately, rejecting portals as duplicates that are not in fact duplicates and changing the criteria after the fact are not ways for +NIA Ops to encourage us to #KeepDiscovering .
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Robert Simpson

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Helpful, but slightly spoiler-ish:

Although the square and compass is a symbol of the Freemasons, that might steer you astray.  Something similar in more popular culture is the key.
Enter solution into link. ex.:[solution]
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Robert Simpson

General  - 
from +WTAE-TV Pittsburgh... Former PPG employee stole trade secrets for a *Chinese firm including formula for clear plastic windows for military aircraft and high speed transportation vehicles.

"If PPG owns my brain for life, then they should pay me 2 million a year to keep it!! I think I make my point!!" Rukavina wrote to the Chinese company. In another email, documents say he wrote "My salary at PPG when I left was $170,000... If possible, I would like a signing bonus of $80,000, as you will have access to all of PPG technology since 1947!!"

"It was just a little bit scary. Three police cars came flying down the street, they parked in front of my house, and then there were five or six unmarked cars. They all got out of the cars. They had vests on, and they were pounding on the door, trying to get into his house," said neighbor Rochelle Toney.  "One policeman told me to stay in the house. They were there nine hours yesterday, just going through stuff."

Toney said Rukavina revealed his travel plans to neighbors last week. "He said. 'I'm moving to China in three weeks." 
Charges say Thomas Rukavina provided a "recipe" to make windows for a military aircraft, involving "the industry's first new transparent plastic in more than 50 years," according to a complaint that charges him with stealing trade secrets in Pittsburgh and offering to sell information worth millions of dollars.
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+Robert Simpson I agree.  I remember our Lean Manufacturing team running a two week seminar for all leader engineers.  This info was very private to HQ, and we stressed to keep all laptops on them AT ALL TIMES. Well, one engineer (who was actually on the teaching team) left his laptop in the conference room and it was stolen.  True story. Our manager, the VPs, the CEO - no one called the FBI or SWAT team....this conduct by PPG was unnecessary, in my humble opinion....and you mention a great point - he wasn't being secretive. Knowing more about retiree contractual obligations would have shed more light on the situation...but did it really need to involve SWAT? Corporate citizen is becoming militant... maybe when I read news stories about our government I am focusing on the wrong militant for thought.
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Robert Simpson

Edit appeals  - 
Type of appeal: Incorrect Picture
Reason: Picture from New Portal Appeal added to wrong portal?!

Somehow the picture from a New Portal Submission and appeal, which was incorrectly rejected as a duplicate, got added to an existing portal! Although the plaques are similar, the rest of the picture is not.  You can see the difference in the places they are mounted in the bottom part of the pictures. And in the top part of the pictures, you can see the Myrtle Beach Skywheel in the correct one while in the incorrect one you see trees.

The Gloria's Way segment of the walkway runs from Pyler Park at 9th Avenue North to Heart Park, at 14th Avenue North. The correct picture on the left was taken at the existing portal at Pyler Park. The incorrect picture on the right, taken at Heart Park at the other end of the walkway, was included in a New Portal Submission, which was incorrectly rejected as a duplicate (

Correct Picture - Existing Portal
 -- Picture on left, below - do not delete
 -- Portal title: Gloria's Way
 -- Portal location: Pyler Park, between 9th Avenue North and 12th Avenue North
 -- Intel map:,-78.87722  -- Google Street View:,-78.877291,3a,75y,46.37h,77.44t/data=!3m5!1e1!3m3!1sGsZboJe3UMWpGrpc0yB2fA!2e0!3e5!6m1!1e1

Incorrect Picture - New Portal
 -- Picture on right, below - please remove
 -- Proposed new portal title: Gloria's Way
 -- Location: Heart Park, 14th Avenue North
 -- Lat., Long.: 33.695374,-78.875346  -- Google Street View:,-78.875346,3a,75y,7.64h,68.29t/data=!3m5!1e1!3m3!1sJJXNLjMgXOwuhDvI1NkAfQ!2e0!3e5!6m1!1e1  -- Street view with portal location circled:  -- Submitted April 21, 2015
 -- Incorrectly rejected as duplicate May 18, 2015
 -- New Submission Appeal, denied:

The picture on the left is correct. The picture on the right is at the other end of the Gloria's Way segment of the walkway, at Heart Park, 14th Avenue North - on the portal that was rejected. Please remove that incorrect picture. Or better yet, create the portal for the 14th Avenue North end of the walkway.

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+Andrew Riley I thought the Intel map link, Lat. Long. for both and Google StreetViews would be enough ;-)

+Andrew Riley +Mike Somervill Yea, I've been trying to get a dup. Post Office portal removed since 2013 - one that's across the street in someone's yard.   ... until someone at #IngressFirstSaturday a couple months ago mentioned it was their guardian. ;-(

You can usually tell the original Post Office, Fire Station, etc. portals because there aren't any pictures on them.

I did successfully get an original Post Office portal moved, even though it wouldn't have met even the original submission criteria - it's not a standalone building.  Somewhat comical - another agent was trying to get it removed as invalid - I have been a lifetime resident here and knew there was not a post office on or near that piece of ground. I should take a picture of the pile of dirt and weeds and submit it as an upgrade.  And when it did move, it took some of the XM it had been spewing and left a hole.
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Robert Simpson

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How do we snag an invitation for the 5:30 one since it looks like the 7:30 one is full?
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simpson its jst simple i have the glue
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Robert Simpson

What's Happening Around Pittsburgh  - 
If you think your kids might be interested in outdoor mobile gaming with a good bit of exploration and a touch of history, this might be something to check out.  Ingress is Google's augmented reality game where you get gear to use in the game from real world sites which can then be used in a virtual Capture-the-Flag kind of thing. There are monthly local events the first Saturday of each month (Sunday next month, though), which can be good to help newer, lower level players to pick up the game from more experienced players and larger events where a thousand or more players might show up (  The "scanner" refers to the mobile app.
Daniel Dlugos originally shared:
A x-faction event designed for the youngest agents among us! Many of our own kids have started picking up a scanner, so let's have fun exploring the zoo and getting to know each other.

There will be a scavenger hunt mission just for kids, as well as live animals!

I'll post more details as they come together, including buying discounted admission tickets as a group.
Ingress Kids Saturday
Sat, June 13, 11:00 AM
Pittsburgh Zoo & PPG Aquarium

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Robert Simpson

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For anyone going back to solve this one ... (small but helpful spoiler) ...

The first circle, in the second line, works better if you assume that it is red rather than brown.  Otherwise, it looks like one step is a "no-op" and that is not the case.
Today's Challenge with test your skills of cryptography, visual research and sequential thinking. Semiotics... Enter solution into link. ex.:[solution]
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+Brian Rose has declared himself a student of the Mu line. That's according to his comment on the post below, but you'll have to be logged into the +Endgame: Ancient Truth +Ancient Societies site to see that post.
Musubi. - Brian Rose - Google+
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