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Info on Endgame beta access and the Stella Medal
Hi everyone, Wow, what a weekend. So exciting in so many different ways. I’m incredibly grateful to everyone who came to visit me in Pasadena, and everyone who watched my livestream. Now it’s time to recognize my Students who weren’t able to make it to Pasadena or Hannover, many of whom have been with me since the beginning. So, today I’m announcing that: On Wednesday, at 12PM PST (GMT -07:00) I will be counting up all of the answers to all of t...
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Robert Simpson

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These were probably the passcodes for that medal, announced earlier today. All fully redeemed.

I just met up with a certain lady and look what she gave me...

#AncSoc #EndGame #Ingress #Shonin  
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+Robert Simpson OK, thanks!
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Robert Simpson

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I don't think we can call them "mistakes" when there are so many of them it appears that they're introduced to intentionally make things more difficult - at for least those of us who are trying to solve the puzzles right after they've been posted.  (Except for the misspelling of "straitjacket" - if that one was intentional then it should have worked as a solution.)

In in the 6th line, the last symbol should be Olmec (gold)

In the third letter of the theme keyword "escape" was spelled "esdape", so that you were thrown way off if you recognized the presence of the theme word right away. (This is where I realized they're purposely trying to avoid making it too easy.)

In the "Still Waters" clue implied antipodes, but instead you had to use the Longitude values that were an equal distance from the Prime Meridian in the opposite direction (the negated value).

I don't think we ever determined what the intended path to solve was, but based on using the same technique throughout each line, you'd think each line in the last group would be the same as the corresponding lines in the first group, with "255 217 0" appended to each line, so maybe the middle part of the last line should have been "0 85 168" rather than "236 0 0". (The answer "camouflage" was found via Saturday's challenge and "camo" via back solving.)

In some of the paint stripes on the caboose probably did not end where they should have.

In the lines had 14, 21, 26, 32 and 38 positions but should have been double the number of characters in the answers which were 7, 10, 13, 17 and 20. The lines with double digit numbers (2nd, 4th and 5th) were off.

In the second line 127.313 + 323.992 adds up to 451.305 but the result should be 415.305 instead (was later fixed)

In you had to use the misspelled version of "straitjacket" ("Straight Jacket") to get the last character "H".
This appears to be unintended, since "" does not work.

In the colors should have continued with: Yellow Red Orange Blue Yellow Blue Purple Red

In the text clue suggests reading down the columns first, but instead you have to go in normal reading order for Americans and Europeans, left to right then top to bottom.

In the fourth line of the last group should read d) (7.5,3.5) -> (4.5,3.5) F.

In the text for the last picture eliminates all of the letters. Instead of "-Six each muscle", it should be "-Musicals exec".

In, the first "+" should be "-", making it "[AcCUSe - (-HIS + SICKNeSS)]84+53+16+8+7 - 53+8+7+16".  And on the solution page, the math was wrong:
AcCUSe = 89 + 6 + 92 + 34 = 221
HIS = 1 + 53 + 16 = 81 - should be 70
SiCKNeSS = 14 + 6 + 19 + 10 + 16 + 16 = 70 - should be 81
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Robert Simpson

Pittsburgh Sports  - 
With less than 4 days to go, it looks like Cambria County War Memorial Arena in Johnstown is ahead of the other Pennsylvania community ice rinks, with over 1,200 votes (including the typo) in the +Kraft Hockeyville USA contest .
Think your community has what it takes to be the first-ever Kraft Hockeyville USA? Enter your community’s ice rink for a chance to win $150,000 and the chance of hosting a NHL® 2015-2016 Pre-Season Game.
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I'm originally from Altoona. I've been to the War Memorial many times.
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Robert Simpson

Challenge Puzzles  - 
Do we know what Stella V's spirit animal is?  Or maybe a better question, did anyone get to the comments page for the The Rebel challenge back on Oct. 8th?

Things from that don't work:[albert]camus[the]rebel - of course
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+Ingo Walser Re: hm, leaderboard still being repaired! #EndgameARG #EndgameAncientTruth

This can't be right, of course.  I'm definitely not #2 for All Lines / All Time.
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+Ingo Walser It looked better yesterday (Thursday). #EndgameARG   #EndgameAncientTruth  
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Have him in circles
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Robert Simpson

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I can't mention you in replies to posts, or message you, probably because there are five other "Stella V"s following me and you are not following me yet.  And you don't have the "Message" icon in your profile to allow students to contact you directly - only the Hangouts icon is in your profile at

I was just trying to let you know that the link did not work, but spent way too much time trying.
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Robert Simpson

Discussion  - 
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Robert Simpson

Challenge Puzzles  - 
Technically, the Email Replies 12/2/14 ( and Shang: Trailblazers of Bronze ( videos weren't Challenge #Puzzle posts and do not have the #Challenge tag, but if you enter their solution, it looks like it treats them as such. Almost as if players get points for any link that redirects to an Ancient Societies page. links that redirect to external sites, such as the ones aren't included.
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Robert Simpson

Discussion  - 
Need help with this one: BUKMD NO?
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Does the ROW sticker mean they are into boats and rowing? #clue
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