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If you still see Christopher Columbus in a positive light, you’ve never read a real history book
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Yeah, I mean come on, what sort of holiday is it if I have to not only work, but attend an all-hands meeting afterwards? 
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Jindal has to up his stupid, so far Carson and Trump have proved their stupidity and are up in the polls, Jindal is way back so he has to be more dumb for the GOP voters. Jindal can't get anymore stupider than a box 📦 of rocks.
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Well if we hadn't invaded Iraq, Saddam as you recall was Sunni, we wouldn't be fighting ISIS now. I am sure  Bobby J's kids will be first in line to volunteer to be those "boots on the ground"!
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Not since before Watergate have so few people and businesses provided so much early money in a campaign, most of it through channels legalized by the Supreme Court’s Citizens United decision five years ago.

(NOTE: 20 of them are donating to Democratic candidates, 138 to Republican.)
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His views already are a dissent from actual Christianity, so can we make him the first sacrifice?
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In news that shouldn't need repeating: Americans think it's important for our policy makers to actually understand the science on which they base their policies.
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Bill O’Reilly Throws Tantrum After MMfA Exposes His New Book As 'Total BS’
Indeed, there was a PUBLISHED report. It appeared in the #‎WashingtonExaminer and was later reported by Media Matters, which O'Reilly failed to mention for some reason. The report identified several people close to #‎Reagan who dismissed O'Reilly's book as "garbage" and "total BS." So obviously Media Matters should have its tax-exempt status revoked. 
Culture Warrior Bill O'Reilly is on the warpath again. As usual, the battle lines are drawn around an ego so big it can be seen from space. He devoted a segment of his Friday night program to the "...
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British anthropologist Russell Dement and his team have unearthed six skeletons belonging to unusually tall people, between seven and eight foot tall, in Ecuador and Peru. Dement, who has been studying the local communities for over two decades, told Ecuadorian website Cuenca High Life that the locals have legends about very tall, pale-faced people, and …
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SEE ORIGINAL OP-ED by Nick Kristof
'A New Way to Tackle Gun Deaths'
This would be a good job for #Occupy .. although it says One Million Moms and Dads has taken it on... Teachers might too. and certainly ALL the PUBLIC HEALTH community.

+The White House @POTUS @FLOTUS +Nancy Pelosi +Senator Elizabeth Warren +SFGate +Daily Kos +Los Angeles Times @HuffPostPol @HuffPostWomen +The Huffington Post 
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Its easier to get a concealed carry license than a ham radio license. True story! 
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"I didn’t wake up and have an epiphany. It had nothing to do with Al Gore. I was tracking Minnesota’s increasingly bizarre weather when I said...
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+Robert Sheppard "‘Doesn’t Make You Liberal, it Makes You Literate’"
This simple statement explains most Repug policies and stances on issues.
You have to be literate, first..
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Their flying the flag of a failed attempt at seceeding from the union, then asking that very same union to assist them with aid...
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