Live - updated as it happens from the Select Committee hearing in London

5.30pm - The End before the beginning of Rebekah Brooks grilling. 5min break
5:28pm - Rm making his final written speech (the one that +Benjamin Cohen released earlier)
5:08pm - tv coverage continues after the chairman apologizes for the ruckus
5:06pm - Comedian Jonnie Marbles named as the man who attacked Rupert Murdoch with a foam/paint pie - he has been handcuffed and led away by Police.
4:54pm - Attack in the chamber1! hearing suspended!
4:43pm - Rupert Murdoch is continually banging the table when he speaks.
4:41pm - News International have continued to pay Goodman and Mulcaire's legal fees and more
4:38pm - News Corp (NWSA) shares in New York are up 4.9%
4:26pm - Overall very evasive answers especially from JM. PR advisors clearly told RM to shut up and say as little as possible
4:24pm - I think those 3 men sat behind RM are senior News Corp execs - they have been looking more worried the longer this questioning of JM & RM goes on
4:19pm - Can Tv please move the camera up a little so we can lip-read what those three men sat behind JM are saying.
4:13pm - JM deferring again (he is doing this alot today) to 'ongoing Police investigation' so he cant answer questions about Sunday Times reports from 10th July
4:10pm - News Corp (NWSA) shares in New York are up 3.91%
4:08pm - Tom Watson needs to question them again. All the other MP's are not getting direct answers to their questions, and are allowing RM & JM (in particular) to warble on and on.
4:04pm - NOTW was not closed to save Rebekah Brooks, insists RM
3:57pm - JM doesn't have direct knowledge of anything much
3:45pm - RM syas he hardly spoke to the editors of his newspapers (except we all know that he used to phone editors up to 3 times a day !)
3:41pm +kosso . has put plusbar on Google plus for those who cant see the tv
3:40pm - This could go on for a long time.. then Rebekah Brooks to be grilled
3:36pm - JM says there is no evidence suggesting execs kew of hacking
3:14pm - RM says he is not responsible for what happens at NI, The people he trusted are responsible.
3:08pm - RM went in the back door to Downing Street because he was told to by the Prime Minister or his staff - he always went in by the back door
3:05pm - NoTW was closed because RM says he was embarrassed by the phone hacking scandal
3:04pm - RM claiming mostly complete ignorance
3:03pm - RM doesnt know anything!.. JM knows every detail.. he wants to speak but the MP wont let him - beautiful
3:02pm - This is better than Star Wars
3:00pm - No-one brought 'collective amnesia of NI employees from a previous committee hearing' to RM's attention
2:58pm - RM didn't seem to know about a £700,000 or $1.2m settlement payment made by his company
2.56pm - The tv camera angle on Rupert isn't very good - Can they please switch angles
2:54pm - RM says he doesn't know of high profile cases (heavily publicized ones) involving news International Employees
2:52pm - RM trying to defer a question he cant answer to his son James
2:50pm - Rupert Murdoch under questioning is banging on the table
2:48pm - JM very nervous now
2:47pm - JM sidesteps the question of who else, ie. names of other journalists, were phone hacking at NoTW due to current Police investigation
2:40pm - Rupert Murdoch interrupts James and says "this is the most humble day of my life"
2:36pm - Both Murdoch's are in the hot seats !
2:34pm - Ok, everybody ready? Got the pop corn out? This should be a good movie...5 mins until the start of Rupert Murdoch's grilling - apparently
2:32pm - Murdoch's and Rebekah Brooks are rumored to be in the building (Portcullis House)
2:29pm - New revelations in hacking hearings: no one knew anything & no one did anything wrong. Great to have that all resolved.
2:25pm - NASDAQ about to open. News Corp (NWSA) shares up 1.8% to $15.23 in pre market trading.
2:23pm - Lots of protestors outside Portcullis house saying Murdoch should go.
2:18pm - This Select Committee hearing is very funny.
Politicians grandstanding, Police being evasive.. popcorn tv
12 mins until James & Rupert Murdoch are expected to be grilled.
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