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Well said Josh. I just published a post where I apologize to the students of my first ten years because what I thought I was doing in the classroom was "the right thing".  Taking this concept a step further, this is why we need to give opportunities to students to gain a global perspective. In this age of connectedness, there are no excuses not to provide broader perspective. Thank you for providing this forum for conversation.  Bob
Recently, I was interviewed by a former student who is now studying to be a teacher. I have been interviewed by college students who are preparing to be teachers numerous times before. One of the questions I always get asked ...

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Still a few seats left for EdCamp Chicago.  Registration and information can be found here; 
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All who want to break bread at the table of learning are welcome. We will all become better educated with your presence!

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Three Great Tools for App Smashing
If you are a teacher or student in a 1:1 classroom, then you already realize, particularly if you are using iPads, that there are frequently times when a single application doesn't complete all of the desired tasks.  App smashing , a concept recently coined...

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First fifty visitors get a free badge template!  J/K all are welcome at the table of learning!
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When It Comes to Grading, Maybe We've Got it Backwards
  Some rights reserved  by  EricHolsinger "Imagine a classroom where students operated under an additive system of point earning rather than a subtractive system of losing points."   - Rob Steller Backwards grading, sometimes called reverse grading, is a st...
 Some rights reserved by EricHolsinger "Imagine a classroom where students operated under an additive system of point earning rather than a subtractive system of losing points." - Rob Steller Backwards grading, sometimes cal...
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Turn the exchange of information into a learning relationship through blog comments.
At this time, some educators have growing awareness of, and experience with, the personalized learning benefits of blogging. Increased relevancy, digital literacy, conscientious effort are just three of many learning advantag...
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An Open Apology to the Students of My First Decade
After nearly a quarter century as an educator in a large, public high school, I suspected, but was unprepared, for the coming of this day. By complete happenstance, I became re-connected with several of my former students during a Twitter chat. It was a pro...
Self-determined learning is a powerful trend that education should embrace. Here is a clear description of popular tools / strategies that wonderfully support self-determined learning. A great read!

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Is Education Wasted on the Young?
Personally and professionally speaking, I am reborn as a result of finding purpose and focus with my informal learning. Interactions with my personal learning network (PLN) made me realize that my informal learning time was more relevant and authentic than ...
Personally and professionally speaking, I am reborn as a result of finding purpose and focus with my informal learning. Interactions with my personal learning network (PLN) made me realize that my informal learning time was m...

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Intersting  conversation starter Josh. My contention expressed in a recent post is to prepare students for a lifetime of self-directed, informal learning. To do that means to eliminate some of the conventional preparations of a typical classroom.  So, we are both acknowledging the need for a paradigm shift, just stating it differently.  Here's my post exposing some realities regarding informal learning, I think you may enjoy this perspective;
Are my students being adequately prepared? This seems to be one of those questions and conversations that always come up in school. How are you preparing your students? When they are in elementary school we are trying to ...
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Thanks for commenting. I would tend to agree with you in that we want kids to be self directed and be prepared for a lifetime of informal learning. The sad thing I see far too often is such a focus on formal learning that it burns students out from any type of learning and it is typically done in the name of "preparing for the so called next step". 
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