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Hi, my name is Alex Cruz. In the online Android community I am known as Mazda.
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#BLM #blacklivesmatter #whitelivesmatter #bluelivesmatter #nolivesmatter #alllivesmatter. Why do we have these messages? More importantly, why now? Let's take a trip through history, and see if we can learn anything about the answers to those questions.
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Our society holds forth many as heroes, to be honoured, even worshiped. And while I do think that the veterans of the armed forces deserve respect, that scientists pushing the limits of our understanding deserve recognition, etc, I recently had the opportunity to converse with someone, that I believe deserve even more honour than either if these. I did not approach this person with the realization that they were heroic, I did not start the conversation to learn of their greatness, or even to seek inspiration for myself. In fact, my intent was to encourage and hopefully inspire them. Yet as we conversed, and they told me of things that had been done to them, things done by the very people entrusted with their protection and well being, I was deeply impressed. This person is not a new acquaintance, on the contrary, I have known them for years. And I know them well enough to attest to the truth of what they shared with me. They have been the recipients of unmentionable actions, by other humans, as I mentioned before, the very people that they should be able to trust most. While this is very saddening, even heartbreaking, unfortunately, it is not uncommon. Abusive parents abound, abusive siblings, relatives, etc. The person in question had been dealt these unthinkable acts from a young age, even now, is barely more than a child. It wasn't until we had been conversing for some time that the heroism became apparent. One small phrase, seemingly insignificant. After telling me, not in detail, but enough that I understood, of some if the things that had been done to them, they made the statement that is the inspiration for this writing. "I love them" I cannot claim that that is the exact words used. But that was the message. And it was even stronger than that. "I love them, and I forgive them". Will this person ever have a statue, or memorial, or even a stretch of highway named after them? Highly unlikely. But, I for one, see them as a hero. Someone to look up to, to endevour to emulate. I hope you too, can be inspired.
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Robert Sawyer (rassawyer) originally shared:
Thought for today:
Everything happens forms reason, but sometimes the reason is simply that you made a bad choice.
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Robert Sawyer (rassawyer) originally shared:
“But in the end one needs more courage to live than to kill himself.” 
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Robert Sawyer (rassawyer) originally shared:
Thought for today... Men talk of killing time but in reality time is quietly killing them.
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this error is getting old...

COPY firmware/synaptics/g3/PLG391-V1.08-PR1701943-DS5.
cp: '/home/rassawyer/android/LG/kernel/lge/g3/firmware/synaptics/g3/PLG391-V1.08-PR1701943-DS5.' and 'firmware/synaptics/g3/PLG391-V1.08-PR1701943-DS5.' are the same file
make[1]: * [/home/rassawyer/android/LG/kernel/lge/g3/firmware/Makefile:229: firmware/synaptics/g3/PLG391-V1.08-PR1701943-DS5.] Error 1
make: * [Makefile:950: firmware] Error 2

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Sorry for the delay.. if you haven't gotten it yet, this thread has some good info:

Also, if you post the results of lsusb and xinput, that will help.
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Any tips on this error? Is otatools no longer a thing?

ninja: error: unknown target 'otatools', did you mean 'obbtool'?
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+Nolan Roell​, the GPL affirms that the original author maintains ownership of their code until such a time they transfer it to another. Others have permission to use it, modify it, etc, but they do not own it, and the owner had the authority to take out back at anytime. The link with this demonstrates why it is important to respect people and their work, as this incident ended in legal battles and all kinds of other mess.
A man in Oakland, California, disrupted web development around the world last week by deleting 11 lines of code.
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99% of FOSS stuff is, bit of not, you would have to read the licencing details for whatever licence it is under. If there is no formally stated licence, then here in US of A at least, it defaults to the Creative Commons licencing
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Robert Sawyer (rassawyer) originally shared:
Thought for today:
Amateurs built the ark, professionals built the Titanic...
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Robert Sawyer (rassawyer) originally shared:
Rudeness is a weak man's imitation of strength.
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Robert Sawyer (rassawyer) originally shared:
Tod. If prayer was your job, would you still be employed?
Pray without ceasing.
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tech geek, salesman, mechanic, yeah thats me
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I can screw up ANYTHING.
  • Hanover Mennonite School
    1997 - 2004
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  • Dreamland Mattress & Furniture
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  • Meadowview Framers
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  • Alpha Omega Vending
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  • Wal-Mart
    IMS inventory management specialist, 2011 - 2011
    Locate and pull inventory to put out on the shelves, put overstock away, Had access to limited access area such as electronics storage room and guns and ammunition storage
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Prices are still high, but nearly as bad as at other such stores
Public - 2 months ago
reviewed 2 months ago
Great food, great idea, great service
Public - 3 months ago
reviewed 3 months ago
It's a theatre. Not much to say there, the staff is friendly. The low rating is because $4 for a 32 oz soda is highway robbery, and the theatre perpetuates that stupidity by not allowing competition for the vendor
Public - 3 months ago
reviewed 3 months ago
Decent store, but the liberalist mentality of the corporation tarnishes any and all positive aspects of the individual stores
Public - 3 months ago
reviewed 3 months ago
17 reviews
Place has gone to crap. Ordered the wrong part for me, and still took two days longer than they said it would to get in.
Public - 3 months ago
reviewed 3 months ago
Decent food, not to busy, excellent server
Public - 3 months ago
reviewed 3 months ago
Sanitation was terrible. I worked here briefly, and witnessed dishes being put away without ever touching soap water.
Public - 5 months ago
reviewed 5 months ago